Which Green to Ascend?

Kashrek’s only purpose seems to be a mid level tank. Most don’t recommend taking Elkanen past 3/70.

The biggest source of ascension items for new players are the monthly challenge events and the rare quests. The challenge events have three different difficulties: rare, epic and legendary. The epic and legendary difficulties provide non-farm-able ascension items for completing them. You can complete both with 4* heroes, but 5* heroes are not allowed in the epic difficulty… it is for this reason that most people recommend leveling 4* heroes first.

So without knowing the rest of your team, it would be hard to answer your question. If you want a better answer for you, please share more of your team.

Those aren’t great options. Kashhrek is a niche hero in that he is good at 1 and only 1 thing: tanking on your raid defense team. So if you want him for that purpose, go for it - but if you’re looking at titans, adventure progression, etc. then you may want to leave him at 3/60.

Elkanen is a good hero, but not great. For titans and such, he will serve you better at 3/70 than Kashhrek would at max; however, I’m not sure how many tonics you have at present (will need 6 to max him). Honestly, you may want to hold him at 3/70 until you find someone better.

The rest of my team is currently 3/60 Guardian Falcon, 3/60 Guardian Jackal, 3/60 Sabina and 4/30 Grimm. Don’t have any other 4 stars or 5 stars. Just got Elkanen 2 days ago or so.

I have virtually no materials needed for any 5 stars ascending past 3/70.

You are on a good track for moving up the EP food chain. Read the forums and get lots of answers. I would put Elk on the very back burner and work on Kash. He is a really good tank until he isn’t (if i remember correctly, he becomes in-effective around 2000 cups).

You can get 4s for free from TC-13 (I am assuming that you don’t have your base to 20 yet). Be patient, I have over the course of 3 or so months got about 15 4 heroes from TC13.

Around the 9th, there will be an event that comes out. You should be able to complete the epic level with your team. It will be hard, but it is a great way to get good ascension materials.

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This link may also help you:

Thanks for your advice, it is greatly appreciated. I currently have two TC13’s but haven’t had the food to be able to work towards potential 4 stars as I’ve been trying to upgrade my teams for AW’s. Stronghold is upgrading to 16 currently.

Don’t even worry about wars until you can easily complete the challenge events and rare quests… they are not mutually exclusive, but those two things will progress you faster than increasing your war teams.

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several months ago i wrote a bunch of stuff up for some of my alliance team mates here.


It serves as a good primer with pictures for some of the games basic, but mis-understood concepts.

You say you are missing a compass? I would not spend it on Kashhrek at this time.

The rest of your team consists of Sabina, G Jackal, and G Falcon all at 3/60. These 3 heroes should ALL take priority over Kashhrek as they perform well in many areas. Grimm is solid too and it’s good that you’ve taken him to the 4th tier.

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My first 4* green were a Kashhrek and it served me well until I got a better tank (a 5* one).
He is only purpose is to survive and he do it greatly.
Elkanen isn’t the best green hero outta here and like Kashhrek it doesn’t have high attack but it survive quite well.

Like @Lurker said here above Jackal & Falcon are very good heroes and you should focus first on them. You should try to prioritize that things:

  • ATK buffer
  • DEF debuffer
  • Elemental DEF debuffer

in order to complete rare quests and events to get more and more ascension materials.
Do not fear to use items to achieve that goal, you can farm & craft items but you can’t do se with ascension materials.

And last but not less important: to increase your titan’s damage and kill stronger titans.

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AW gives you nothing. Your alliance will benefit, and that is not bad; however, building a more robust attack team is best.

Stop pushing the stronghold for a bit. Resources can best be used here to develop a base that grow your team. Use one tc for everyday stuff wifh backpacks and practice swords. Let one be used as a tc11 for feeding heros to the 3/4*s that drop from tc13. Raiding and titan fighting get better bringing more resources. And get mines, farms and watchtower up.

Mines, farms and watchtower have all been upgraded with the stronghold so they are capped as well. Forges, Training camps, etc have fallen behind as I try to rush to 20 thought.

@jSz28, neither of those two is ideal for you right now, and I wouldn’t be particularly excited about giving sturdy shields to either of them, although either is better than a 3* hero.

If you already have four compasses and four gloves (or more), that means you can ascend Falcon, Jackal, Sabina, AND one green hero. (When you get the hidden blades, orbs, trap tools, and sturdy shields)

All three of those mentioned are more widely usable than Kashhrek.

There are exceptions, but most 5* heroes at level 3/70, are far weaker than most 4* heroes at 4/70, and they take the same ascension items (had to get), and take MORE feeder heroes and MORE food to level them up. And then you need the materials for their final ascension which are much harder to get, and they are hugely expensive to level up as well.

Note: Elkanen isn’t one of those rare exceptions…

You are far better off maxing out two sets of 4* heroes (2 of each color), maybe three sets before you seriously work on any 5* heroes you’ve been lucky enough to get. By that time, you will have more of what it takes to level them up and utilize them properly.

My recommendation for you is run one TC at 13, one TC at 11, and keep those queues full. You can move recruits/heroes between the two as a way to store excess food / retrieve stored food, since there is a lot more food stored with each recruit in TC13 than TC11. I’d do this until you can run TC20 instead of TC13.

Your third TC, I’d work on upgrading it to catch up with your stronghold as you can … and between upgrades, run either swords or backpacks through it, or run it at TC11 (or TC4 until it is high enough level.)

Upgrading your stronghold and one TC to 20 as fast as you can is the best way to get 4* and 5* heroes without paying for summons.

Which 5* heroes at 3/70 are better than 4* at 4/70? I have Gregorian, Gravemaker, Isarnia, Joon, and Marjana in tier two. Would it be worth it to ascend them to tier 3 before ascending guardian Falcon, Caedmon, Sonya, and Grimm to tier 4? I’m missing hidden blades, so I can’t ascend any red heroes at the moment.

The ones with good secondary effects as Isarnia and Gregorion are good even at 3.70, Joon could pass thanks to his blind (but not Lianna with his simple special or Marjana with his poor DoT).

But you shouldn’t base your decision on the hero itself but even taking into account how it work with other heroes. For example a G. Falcon could seem weak alone, but stacking reds he will become a damage monster!

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Thanks for the reply! I do have Gormek at 4/50, so I was planning on using Guardian Falcon with him. I’m currently prioritizing Guardian Falcon over Scarlett, since I have Guardian Jackal, Hansel, and Sonya as fast hitters. Does that seem like the best thing to do, or should I focus on Scarlett?

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Scarlett is good and his attack is high but you will have more damage by weakening foes / self empoering… and there are Axes for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:

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@jSz28, I’m assuming that you’re asking about green because you have the shields?Either way, I’ll give another vote for bringing Falcon up instead of Kash. I am a big proponent of “work with what you have” but I’d still say wait on ascending either Kash or Elk. Kash at 3/60 isn’t a bad tank so you can still get use from him at that level. Falcon isn’t a bad tank early on either - he’s got high defense and decent HP - and his special is all-around good.

The rush to 20 may kill you. Take a breath. Ask yourself what happens at 20.

The best thing is fresh area to build. Worst is throwing assets at a training camp that gulps down resources for a 4% chance at a 5* which is probably useless without more resources.

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