Which green to ascend, and why? Struggling with this choice

  1. cKadilen
  2. Lady Locke
  3. Zocc

Mainly looking to bolster my attack team for war. Which hero provides the most utility overall?

Attack team? Lady Locke. That DOT is crazy good!

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Lady Locke absolutely. Her DoT hits hard but her tile damage is insane as well.

Agree. Locke. I use her regularly in attack teams. As already said, strong DOT, strong tile damage which is exceptionally good for green stacks. Ideally, you can give her some emblems to make her a little more durable …

CKadilen I See also as very useful, whereas Zocc is below average for me…

either Kadilen costume or Locke

if your alliance is running green tanks, kadilen willbe a good one unless you have someone better.

Locke is an attack only hero (very good one)

kadilen c is good on both attack and defense

If I have the same problem, the above-quoted text would be my primary consideration. Costumed Kadilen is both good offensively and defensively and she’s fast and versatile as well as enjoying the full benefits of the maxed costume bonus, whereas Lady Locke is only ideal for offensive purpose at average mana, its full effect delayed or somewhat nullified when the enemy heals. I’d ascend 2 Kads with costume than Locke any day. But that’s just me and I am badly waiting for her costume to land on my lap.

Lady Locke is the only one of the three I have but I do have her at 80. I find her very useful especially in the current meta. I didn’t initially like her because she plays a little slow with the dot damage back loaded but with enough mana bonuses to get her down to 9 now she’s really nice. The Cleanse is also really handy in this meta. Cleansing the other dot heroes or even just the Mana debuff from Telly. I also find her very strong in PvE things which isn’t always the case for other heroes.

I don’t have her but I think I’d go cKadilen if you need the tank. Otherwise I’ve been very happy with my Lady Locke.

I wish I had Zocc as I do like mana control heroes but at 80 with emblems he can be a bit tricky and can backfire on you.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Costume Kadilen first and then Lady Locke and then (possibly) Zocc.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

It depends what you need…

Stinging DoT damage and really high tile damage? Locke.

Support hero adding durability to your team? cKadilen.

Both superb… I have Locke maxed and emblemed, cKadilen waiting for next set of tonics.


So what are you looking for? Significant damage or support?

I suppose I should have clarified… My green mono consists of:

Heimdall, Almur, Atomos, Lianna, Kingston…

I don’t know who I’d replace with the next here… most likely it would be either Almur, or Atomos getting the boot.

For attack I think Lady Locke would be the best choice, but I’d boot Atomos over Almur. Atomos’ special is just too dependent on opposing teams mana for maximum effectiveness. Do you really all the opposing teams mana to be full/near full for Atomos to maximize his damage? Hell no.

I will freely admit though for transparency, I absolutely hate Atomos and he is the only hero I regret ever giving Tonics to.

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Depends on the opponent, to be honest… But then it’s nice to be able to mix and match.

cKadilen probably replaces Heimdall mostly, in that she’s a support hero that’s going to improve your durability - you don’t bring her for damage, you bring her to prevent damage (prevention being as good as cure/healing).

Locke gives you a boost in tile damage plus that huge DoT - you also get a cleanser which can also be really useful to have.
With two snipers in there, I’d be keeping Almur… So yes, it’s probably Atomos who drops out (usually).

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Really depends on your other greens if you’re thinking about attack.

I tend to run a 4-1 attack. I love the Lady Locke very much, she does 2 jobs. DoT and cleanse.

In my green squad that then leaves 3 slots for other skills, attack debuff, healing, snipers…

So the more synergistic skills you can combine in one hero, the better IMO.

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