Which Green Tank

I know that on the forums many tend to consider a green tank as not viable. However, I have managed to pull both Vela and Ariel and was considering the following defence:

Marjanna, Vela, , Ariel, Joon.

Which of my green 5 stars are might be best suited to tank position above: Morgan Le Fay, Kadlien, Lianna, Elkanen.


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Kadilen for now and if you’ll be lucky enough marchs HotM Telluria.

Ok thanks… Have been planning to do a least a couple of x10 summons next Month for Telluria…

Might wait until to next month as I am yet to assign the tonics for the final level on some of the green 5 stars.

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None are overly great tanks … Morgan is best suited to the wing. Kadilen is a flanker.

Lianna is passable but not fantastic…

Elk would be passable too but not great either…

Of the options, I would use Lianna as she is going to be the best & most useful hero long term.

As @Olmor said, next month HotM is Tulleria who is going to be a green tank to rival Yunan for the best green spot & to sit pretty with the best of them!

No love for LotL as tank?

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