Which green should I ascend?

As I finally got my 6th mysterious tonic I have a tough decision to make. Which green legend should I ascend?

I am stuck between:

  • Heimdall
  • Lianna with costume

Other green legends I have and I don’t consider them beeing worth to upgrade are: Ratatoskr, Morgana Le Fay, Horgal with costume, Kadilen.

I have already upgraded Kingston (with 19 talents) and Telluria (with 16 talents). I also have Freya (20 talents) to combine with Tell.
In that situation feel like Lianna is the right choice because it doesn’t collide with other legends in terms of emblems, also the meta seems to be more friendly to heroes with fast mana, but Heimdall is great and he is my only hero with revive ability but he is slow and I won’t tranfer emblems from Telluria. I have a lot of emblems for Lianna but I have even more for Morgana. It will take me a while before I will be able to transform materials to these which I really need, so I don’t want to make a bad investment with what I already have.
What do you guys think? What should I ascend?


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Ascend Lianna and costume to maximize the most of her: to inflict as much damage to a single target second to none.

Heimdall can heal/boost health and revive decently at 3/70. Besides, you already have Telly and they will just clash with the paladin emblems.


In my honest opinion, you already have Telluria so there is no real rush to max Heimdall… although he is awesome and needs to get to max ASAP.
However, you will get more out of Lianna…
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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Ratatoskr and Morgan le Fay are amazing heroes, depending on how you use them. If you don’t want them, give them to me. lol

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The stats speak for themselves!

Lianna with costume and don’t look back! She can be used everywhere! She is an A+ death bringer!

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I don’t always drop legends but when I do it is green legend XD
If there was an option I would send you somethnig :wink:

I would go Ratatoskr in your shoes :sweat_smile:
Healers are always useful for war, and he pump your titan damage too.

If your choice is only between those two, bof, one or the other is fine.
You already have a good Kingston dealing damage and Telluria as tank.
You can pick revival over damage or the opposite, can’t say one would be really much better of the other.

But i really suggest you consider Ratatoskr too, as i think it is probably the best thing for you.

I’d ascend c Lianna in a heartbeat. She is absolutely excellent at what she does, and needs no emblems to make her really useful.

lianna first :100:

So as I predicted and most of you said I picked Lianna. I am halfway to 80 lvl with hero and when I get 4th shield I will start with costume. The thing is that single target strikers with high damage are useful in every situation and that’s what made me wanna ascend her instead of Heimdall. I will invest like 600 emblems in her and will not reset those from Tiburtus.

Good pick. You already have Telly so Heimdall is a “nice to have”. Lianna as el primo striker is a must, especially with costume.

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