Which Green Season 4 Hero? Phileas Fogg or Garjammal

Tomorrow I should hit level 48 on the PoV and get my 6th Tonic.

Last month I pulled Phileas Fogg, and have levelled him up to 3.70 so he is ready.

However, this morning I pulled Garjammal on my 10 pull. Who gets the tonics?

I have Almur+19 as my green elemental debuffer at the moment.

I’m leaning towards Fogg, but want to check I’m not making a mistake.

My other green snipers are Lianna +18, Hatter +7 and Gregorion

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Phileas is better overall…

Garjammal is great hero, but behind one of best snipers in game Phileas.

Garjamal could be used effectively in tandem with Tyr or any other fast wing hero, who heals on its own, and you can then have a tank healer, who does stronger heal to nearby heroes and not to all :wink: // for defense


I’d lean Foggy for the elemental defense down. If you’d rather upgrade your defense or if emblems come into play I’d switch to Garj.

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I have Phileas maxed and I like him a lot. Even if you do have Almur I would go with him because he’s much sturdier than Almur, who imho dies very easily, especially against strong titans. Also, you have Lianna in sniper and Phil + Lianna will two-shot almost everything. Garjammal seems fine too though.

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