Which Green Hero

I have 6 tonics and 10 shields. What should I do?

Options I thought of:

  • final ascend gad.
  • 2nd Evelyn (full ascend or maybe 2 or 3 tier)
  • 2nd melendor (maybe just to 3 tier)
  • wait for another green. My 2-3x tc20 isn’t doing me many favors.

Gadeirus could improve your titan’s score (and Skittleskull too).
I would ascendone of them over a duplicate hero, even if a double Evelyn’s team have his appeal :slight_smile:

If you need a better hero for your class’ trials you could even use this as parameter to ascend one of the other.

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Thanks for he advice!!

I was leaning towards gad for tournaments.
Skittles for class quests would help. i Can carpet bomb those if I had to anyways.

This might be plan of attack now -

Max gad. If nothing else comes along, take Evelyn 2. Then start thinking about things all over again!

2nd Eve. 2 of her will kill almost 3 enemies. Charge them twice and your done.

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Max Gadeirus and then bring Evelyn to 3.70 but by then you should have gotten two extra shields so you could max her.

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In my honest opinion I would focus on levelling an additional Evelyn and then Gadeirus

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Thank you all for the replies!!

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