Which green hero to level next?

I have 12 Tonics so I can ascend two green heroes but I am not sure which ones:

  • Winifred
  • Eiora & Fluffy
  • 2nd Costume Elkanen
  • Tarlak
  • Grace
  • Ratatoskr
  • Guardian Chameleon

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I have emblems to max only the MONK class.

Rest of greens I have maxed already are: Toxicandra, Frigg, El Naddaha, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Kingston, C. Francine, The Hatter and C. Lady of the Lake

I voted Grace, because you don´t have any hit-3 def down heroes. Together with Almur (if you have him) and Nad you could have a good and fast hit 3 stack. If you don´t have Almur, I guess it would still work with Grace, Nad, Francine

C2Elk was my second vote, but on closer inspection, you probably don´t really need him that much. Maybe better Winifred for rush?

I don´t know which ones are monks, so maybe my second vote should be whoever is a monk among them.


Thanks for your input. Tarlak and Ratatoskr are the monks in this list.

Would Tarlak be you first normal attack booster? Then he´s worth it. If you already have some CWilbur etc. not so much…
ratatoskr isn´t going to kick Toxi off a team either, so probably not him either unless you really want to go hard for blue titans, then those 2 are top heroes :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s a big question… Would tarlak be replacing Wu Kong on titans? If so him for sure.

I know guardian chameleon isn’t gonna get a ton of votes but I raid with him every day and love it. You can get rid of all buffs, including non-dispellable. And his massive attack and critical hit boosts make it not matter what color the other heroes are.

Got Tarlak from fated summons, he’s doing fine at 3/70 at my titan level (6-8). No need to spend the mats unless he gets too squishy for your titan level