Which Green Hero to feed - Recommendations

So I have 3 heros and I am not sure who to feed

Caedmon 3/50
Alberich 2/32
Zeline 4/34
Lianna 1/5

I did a 10 pull elemental summon’s for green and have mostly 3* and 2 4* ( which are all doubles btw) as well as a bunch of 1 & 2* trainers

Part of me says keep going on Zeline, but knowing that I am not going to get a lot out of that lving and that it is going to be a journey to level 80.

Much appreciated in advance for your thoughts a feedback.

Those are nice grns, from what I’ve seen on yt and higher lvl.

If it’s me I’d work on alby…then zeline. Also depends if u need healers

Yeah I don’t need to have healers, I have Boldtusk at 4/70 and Vivica 4/45 with Mel also maxed too with Kril at 4/54 and Aeron at 2/35

Everyone is so hung up on all the “strong” heroes but forget to work on their core roster first, later to find out they need other heroes and they don’t have them ready… I’m not sure what level of player are you or your cup range, but if you don’t have Caed max yet I’d say not very far, or just below mid range. Listen, don’t worry about the other 5s so much, you already have them so that’s amazing, focus on maxing at least 1-2 teams of 4s so that you can compliment your 5s more efficiently. You’re going to be deadly if you have solid core bench of 4s that you can mix and match with these 5*s. You’re very lucky to have them…

Good luck…


How is this even a question. Zeline is not that good. Caedmon is good…Lianna is a 1 hit kill wonder. Lianna or Alberich depending on your needs. Alberich is still overpowered and Lianna hits HARD. Caedmon is good in raids. Zeline is so-so as a defensive raid hero otherwise I’ve melted her with some reds no problem at all…

I would say Alby first, then Zeline… not sure how you say Zeline is not that good. Her attack debuff is amazing, along with her buff removal. This guy is in a great position, Caed can sit in the back for awhile after he levels these 2 and Lianna. But honestly Alby, then Zeline, then Lianna, and finally Caedmon


Agree…my exact thoughts

This really isn’t that easy of a choice. I see why you’re here asking lol. My advice is to go with what will get you the most useable heroes the fastest.
If I’m reading this right, you’ve already hit last ascension on Zeline. Who despite what some people may think, is a fantastic hero. I’d finish her up first, (It will probably take you a little longer to finish her as it would be to finish Caedmon, but worth it since you already spent the materials on her.) I believe in focusing on a strong (and maxed) core team before filling out the rest. Typically that would be a 4* team first, but your Zeline is already up there.

The choice on who to level 2nd is tougher. Caedmon is a strong back up Green for raid and titans even if his utility is duplicated with Zeline. On the other hand Alberich is top notch material, takes a little longer to level to 70, and still very strong at that level.

If it were me, Zeline>Caed>Alby>Lianna.

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One 4* 4.70 costs 47% of the XP to level compared to a 5* 4.80 ( Note A ), and half the ascension items, so you can level TWO 4* 4.70 for 94% of the XP to level, and the same number of 3* ascension items, compared to a 5* 4.80. Using double strong color and double neutral color, means two rainbow teams of 4* will be more effective than one rainbow team of 5* heroes.

So I would recommend leveling Caedmon first unless you already have two strong 4* greens ( example healer Melendor/ Kashhrek and tanky sniper Peters ).

My alliance fellow loves Zeline against triple bosses, for raids and for war. Fast mana is king, 5* debuffer is rare. All enemy attack debuff is nice. So she is the most versatile 5* you listed.

Alberich is the only revive hero- very useful for Rare Ascension Item Quests and war.

Lianna is a tanky sniper- very useful for titans, single bosses, getting a healer out of the corner, centers Kashhrek/ Guinevere on raid defense ( less useful in war due to Revenge bar ). So most specialized of the 5* greens you listed.

Note A

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Thanks for input. I would think that I am an ok player. I travel back and forth from Platinum and Diamond level on raids, right now at 2323 cups. I have a good stable of hitters, healers, and attackers and usually on an A or B level on 8*/9*Titians. I am really leaning on Zeline
Here is my main team

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Wonderful team! I understand wanting more opinions. It also sounds like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders with enough knowledge that you could make a solid choice for yourself. (Which you have!) Don’t second guess it too much. Just for ease of maxing I still think finishing Zeline, then Caed, then Alby will be most beneficial to you.

I stick to my original prognosis… 5s aren’t everything without a base 4s to support them… That’s a solid team you got there, but by no means the end-all team… Now that I see what you have, I’d suggest you finish Viv, she’s an awesome tank as well… Too many other options after that, but still, they’re all very very playable the way they are, but get those 4*s to par. Trust me, you wont regret it… Also, make sure you have enough healers leveled up…

Hmmm…my order of doing things would be:

  1. Finish Zeline; you’ve already spent all the ascension items on her; you might as well take her to 80…

  2. Caedmon is really good and solid … and you will get him to 70 faster than any others because 4*'s take less food and less XP (feeder heroes) than 5*s do.

I have him at 3/58 right now, and love having a hit-and-dispell hero for those heroes/monsters that apply powerful/difficult/annoying buffs like riposte, Wu Kong, etc…

At least take him to 3/60, but I might give him ascension items before your other 5*s too.

Lol, i have 15 tonics and none of that heroes.
Isn’t it fun?


Probably start with the ones you use the most. I guess It would be zeline or Caedmon. I often focus on one, but also working on maxing skills on the others I am planning to level.

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