Which Green first? Ascension

Hi everybody,

I have enough Mats to ascend my first green 5 Star Hero. But it is a Taff decision between Alberich Zeline and Tarlak. I would hear some advices first. Which direction to ascend. My current line up is Athena, Joon, Marjana and Panther.

That’s a tough one, they’re all good. Is this for defense or offense? If defence:

You already have a debuffer, so Zeline could probably wait. Alby would give you a healer/chance to resurrect, I’d probably go with him. Tarlak if you’re looking for an offensive team or a pure dmg defense. Athena’s -def with Tarlak’s buff would be deadly.

All of them are worth it but it will take Time for 18tonics so i have to make the smartes decision. I need the right Tank for defense so thus Hero is more for offense als titans. Taff decision.

  1. Alby if you dont have Mother North…
  2. Tarlak
  3. Zeline

P.s. Tough, not taff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mother North > Alby @_John_Doe


50% chance of rez > 33%

  • instant healing
  • minions hit

from my pov :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Was deciding between her & Evelyn. But had I pulled Alby would have done him first. If MN>Alby then I guess that’s my first G5*

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happy reading! :wink:

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Lol, just finished the thread when I saw this notification. Thank you for taking the time to help me <3

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Im a German Dude so sorry for my english. I think Alberich is only useful for raids. Zeline would also help on Titans Because of her Buffs. Also would she fit in my Team Because i dont have anyone that hits all heroes at one time. But i would like to hear some other advices😉

These are all excellent heroes, so very tough call.

My vote goes to Tarlak if you are in an alliance that is hitting tough titans. Tarlak is the 5* Wu Kong and will dramatically increase your Titan scores and so your Rare mat income.

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what about after 4/80 tarlak: alby, zeline or evelyn?

These are all so tough! I’d go Zeline, Evelyn, Alberich.

Zeline is a superb addition to any team. Fast debuffer always has a place.

Evelyn for her Titan damage potential, plus all the other goodies.

Alberich is great, too, but not as impactful in today’s Very Fast mana meta.

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@_John_Doe, you know MN heals first, resurrects second, right? Alby and MN are both great heroes in their own way, but depending on the team you’re using, one is better than the other.

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