Which green 5*

Who should I level Mother North, Kadilen, Evelyn, Alkanen. I have three Evelyn’s should I save extras for future consideration

Its between MN and evelyn. And not for elk and kad

Evelyn first. Always focus on offense before defense.

MN is more like end game for raids.

Only thing is that Evelyn can be used at 3/70 while MN needs to be maxed to maximize her stats.

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On the rare occasions that I’ve gotten more than two of a given 5*, I’ve kept two and used the rest as food. Unless it’s all the 5* you have of that color, I just don’t see why you would ever need more than two especially considering the ascension mats you’d need to level them.

It depends on the player and their goals, really. There are a good bit of players with multiples of the same hero leveled, both 4* & 5*, myself included. If you ever raid against Doom Train, you’ll understand really fast why he leveled 3 GM’s! :smile: