Which green 5 stars to ascend?

today was a lucky day to me…4 five star heroes i’ve pulled, Athena(already have her) , Evelyn as a bonus draw , Elkanen and Kageburado. I need help because i don’t know which green to upgrade. I have already Lianne maxed to the end and now i have Evelyn and Elkanen and also Gregorian at 3/70. Which one shoud i ascend ??

I would go with Evelyn. Eve and Lianne are a deadly combo!


Evelyn seems like the way to go. Great for any color stacking. Question in defense in my opinion but good offense.


Lianna is the best sniper in the game. Since you have her maxed I would now focus on Evelyn instead of your other sniper, Gregorion

Evelyn’s ability to make your enemy vulnerable against all nature attacks will improve Lianna’s snipe even further. They’ll synergize well since they have the exact same tile/mana speed. Just make sure you click Eve first to set off her special skill first, then Lianna after.

After Eve is finished, focus on Greg. His critical chance will be an asset in ice titan battles. Also, he does hit well—Same tile damage as Lianna and a +355% snipe with an elemental link is nothing to sneeze at.

Elk can be started after all your other 5* nature heroes are finished

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Or ‘never.’ Seriously, I cannot imagine using tonics on Elkanen if you do fairly regular summons.



The truth—it hurts so badly :joy: :rofl:

Elk may be worth the shields to get 3/70 though— if you’re luckier than average with shields and you’re FTP or very CTP and cant count on getting another 5*nature in any time that can be considered reasonably soon. But i’d even ascend Kadi infront of Elk.

As for tonics—eh if you have no other 5* nature heroes and don’t do semi-regular summons and specifically want a raid defense tank who can also be usefull in a C/D-team in war then he’s worth it. Kinda. If you already have a tank, then just use the shields you would use on him on Jack, John, or Hansel.

I’m trying to decide between Mother North, Evelyn, and Greg (who is definitely remaining as a man in waiting). Alberich is not in my roster, so I’m learning towards MN. Or I could wait to get Athena built up. Not an easy decision.

Athena should be your priority blue project, but for green? Evelyn even at 3/70 will hugely help your blue titan hits and augment any green 4* strikers you have. MN is a champ because of her tankiness, so she will need tonics first to fulfill her destiny.

This my raid team vs any tank except red.
Evelyn work well at 3/70, i need to max Lianna, but when they charged up you can kill 3 hetoes


Like Wall-E says “Eve…” :stuck_out_tongue: