Which green 5 star should be on my war defense team - Evelyn or Morgan Lefay

Evelyn or Morgan Lefay?

Depends. What other heroes do you have to choose from to go with Morgan or Evelyn?

Evelyn is definitely the better hero overall… I think I’d vote for Morgan. She is amazing on war defense.

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Field Aid
Viv Aeron Athena Marja Morgan

Viv Athena Zimi Aeron Kadil

Att Boost
Morgan Zimi Pers Quint Joon

For defense specifically, I’d vote for Morgan. For everything else, Evelyn is clear winner.

It should be Morgan, but Evelyn is talented and it sinergy very well with your maxed Kadilen.

Athena - Evelyn - Zimkitty - Aeron - Kadilen and voilà!

Kickass war team.

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