Which Green 4 star should I LB +++ why?

Which Green 4 star should I LB, among the following?
Please include the reasoning too - where would the hero be most useful & pairing if any.

  1. Buddy
  2. Anton
  3. C Jack O’Hare
  4. Wren
  5. Mielikki
  6. C Gadeirus
  7. Brynhild
  8. Hansel
  9. C Skittleskull
  10. C Melendor
  11. C Little John
  12. Peters
  13. Tettukh
  14. C Kashhrek
  15. Gobbler

Have Orla, Almur & Caedmon already LBed

Out of those I most use C.Mel.
Healer. Dispel. Defense up with costume.
He gets used every war and in four star arena too.

Which hero do you use the most or not at all?

@Ruskin505 ,
Caedmon is the most used by me, paired with Fogg for Fogg’s ‘EDD & dispel for one’ followed by Caedmon’s ‘damage to one & dispel from all’.
Otherwise, confused between the top 7 in the list.
The only issue I have with C Melendor is that he’s too squishy & dies at the drop of a hat

I have all the heroes in that list except Mielekki. The only 2 I have LBed are Brynhild and Anton. Brynhild used to be my tank in defense, and Anton was my only reviver until I exchanged for Mother North.

They were in my main Green war team. Anton in the left wing with Brynhild next to him to heal and give the mana buff. Nowadays, Anton is in the 2nd Green team, though he still sees a lot of action due to Blue war tanks at my Alliance level. I just like multicharged heroes since they are so versatile.

Melendor and Caedmon sometimes appear off my bench when I face a team with riposte or taunt. They are squishy against 4800+ TP teams so LB would help.

As for the others, they only appear during tournaments and I find that max emblems is enough without limit breaking them.

Depends on personal usage and roster, but Buddy is always going to be a valuable hero for use in all aspects of the game. With that said, he unfortunately plays second fiddle to Marcel on my roster, mainly because of Marcel’s stronger attack, but still sees action in most wars. So, I have Marcel, not Buddy, limit broken. And unfortunately, when I get the tonics to ascend Guan Yu, Marcel will take a backseat to him and then Buddy probably won’t see much action anymore

If you don’t have reviver, LB Anton.
If you have other reviver, LB Hansel. He is a little squish. With LB, his mana control is going to be more effective.

I’d consider Mielikki, I limit broken her to mix with my 5s as main green minion maker on roster, she has season 1 5 star stats, mana buff, went full health to make minions sturdy as possible

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I know I’m late to the post but… right??!!! Mielikki is legit! I finally levelled her and LB her and besides Mother North, she has the highest HP out of any of my heros. And she’s a 4*!!??!! I’m kinda a fan!


My priorities would be:

  1. Melendor/cMelendor Healer+Dispeller, is a key against riposte and the like, works better than Caedmon because does not hit first. Good to use with c1Caedmon for cleanse.
  2. cGadeirus - he is a mini-Heimdall, with big attack buff and overheal. For any green stack in attack.
  3. Hansel - mana control is key in fight with biggest bosses in events, also useful in PvP (but here the mindless attack heroes, like Zocc, are better)
  4. Anton - reviver (but unly useful for attack teams, AI does not cope well with choosing which charge to fire)
  5. cLittle John - good AOE hitter with additional mana slow (base) or mana increase (costume)
    Maybe the order can be changed, depending which ones are emblemed or have emblems available - S1 heroes should be first emblemed to 20 to activate supertalent.

I’ll throw in another vote for Mielikki. I user her the most of the bunch and alongside 5* heroes. Love the mana bump from her minions, especially if you can protect them behind beefier minions. Marcel second.

C. Gadeirus I haven’t leveled yet but plan to. He keeps getting bumped by other projects.

Some really good options in there. Good luck with your choice!

Hansel is a favorite of mine. I look to use heroes that control specials whenever possible.