Which Fire Hero to Level: Khagan, Azlar, or Carol?

Which Red should I work on next?
Khagan (I have his costume)
Carol (I have plenty of Sorcerer emblems)

I’ve ruled out second Marjana and second Santa to get some variety. There’s probably good arguments for a second Marj.

Current reds shown below.

I’m going to break it down this way:
1 Azlar v Khagan with costume bonus
2 Winner of that v Carol

1: Azlar v Khagan
Costumes aside I’d say Azlar easily and call it a day. I don’t plan on putting emblems on either any time soon. Is Khagan’s costume bonus (or costume) good enough to outweigh Azlar? Either way, I see them being used in depth war attacks and being more useful in Rush wars. Given that I rarely use Second Marj at 3/70, neither would get used until they get fully to 4/80. I have 17 rings, so even if I make a mistake, it won’t really be too costly.

2: Winner of Azlar/Khagan v Carol
There’s a long thread of people unimpressed by Carol. I’m sure I’ll get several comments about how she doesn’t even summon a minion! I have plenty of Sorcerer emblems to give her. So the comparison is Carol +19 v Slow Season 1 Five star. Carol will only see use as a depth attacker in wars and I would have used her in last week’s raid tournament. Given she’s fast speed and can cut mana, I’ll find decent use out of her, especially given the prevalence of green tanks. Leveling her up will happen more quickly (four star v five star leveling time), but if I ever get a decent 5 star Sorcerer, I’d strip emblems from her pretty quickly.

I’m slightly leaning Carol > Khagan > Azlar.


Max Carol first as it is is easier and cheaper than any of those slow heroes. She may not summon minions, but her being fast that greatly reduces the target’s mana as well as delayed damage to 3 is good enough for me. You just need to find other heroes that can kill Carol’s target so that her gift explodes damaging the target’s nearby allies.

As for Khagan and costume vs Azlar, i have already maxed my Azlar as my 2nd maxed red legendary way back in 2018 (after Ares). I also happen to pull Khagan’s costume. My Khagan is already at the early levels of his third ascension but was bumped down since all 2 star feeder heroes and above, including green 1* heroes, are all being devoted to my MN. Once I maxed her, I will resume my leveling plan of feeding on-color 2* heroes or higher to my legendary heroes being leveled, while 1* feeder heroes are being fed on-color to 3 or 4 star heroes being leveled. But my red legendary planned to be leveled will be my recently acquired Kestrel, who will be getting all 2* red feeders or higher. I dont think i will be able to get Marj’s costume this month as she is a no-show after 23 pulls were made using 100+ costume keys. I may start working on Khagan’s costume feeding it with 1* red hero but he screws up my original plan to ascend my 3rd BT, 3rd Falcon or 3rd Wilbur, all at 3/60 after I maxed my 1st Carol. And it gets more complicated since 1* red feeders also wants to got to my new S1 red heroes with costumes recently released, Nashgar, Gormek, etc.

Please inform me of what you have decided and the reasoning behind such decision. Thanks.

One thing in favour of Khagan with a costume bonus is that as a Ranger, his +2% mana node is at node 8. With the 5% bonus, you ‘just’ need a level 23 mana troop to make him average speed

I was leaning Carol and haven’t see any reason to alter. Thanks @Ultra! The majority of my alliance also voted for Carol.

My alliance also pushed Azlar over Khagan, so I’ll table that for now. Maybe there’s even an argument for leveling a second Santa and using Carol and Santa together?

I won’t put emblems on either Khagan or Azlar any time soon, so this isn’t a big deal to me. I don’t have a level 23 mana troop, but I do have a level 17 so I can turn either hero into an 11 tile charge. Khagan with costume bonus would allow me to use the level 17 hero elsewhere.

Well, i have maxed 2 GMs, Azlar, Mitsuko, Grazul, Jean Francois and Ares. For me, the worthy reds to max are Garnet, Vanda and Black Knight. I have 29 mystic rings, so I can afford to max Khagan and his costume, but i will have to get him to 3/70 first. Badly wanted Azlar’s costume so he deals more damage in my monored team.

I ran TC19 for over 85 straight hours depleting TC20 from ~600 days to ~100 days. While I had plenty of food, I was running out of recruits to build up TC20. That’s over 5000 1 star heroes.
I took Carol from 1/1 to 4/70 +19. Then I started Khagan. He’s up to 3/59 on normal and 3/1 with his costume.
I took Guardian Owl from 3/70 to 4/80 (plenty of darts and decide Owl > second Leo).
I worked on a few others throughout the way (such as Richard 1/1 to 3/40).

I didn’t touch my TC11 or TC2 which have 1500+ heroes ready to collect. Saving those trainers for a better hero or for when I have more food built up.

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