Which event is best to get hero

Which event is best to get hero, is costume event the best?

It really depends on what best fits the mold of your offense or defense.

Knights of Avalon has some really great defensive heroes with Guin, Lady of the Lake with her mana-stealing sword minions, and Black Knight.

As does Wonderland with White Rabbit, Hatter, and Queen of Hearts. Jabberwock is pretty versatile offensively and defensively.

Teltoc has some great Elemental Defense Down specialists with Panther, Jackal, and Falcon. Guardian Gazelle is a pretty hero solid both offensively and defensively.

Grimforest has some nice mana-controlling weapons on offense with Hansel and Gretel stopping mana generation on the enemy and Red Hood minions preventing mana degeneration to the allies.

Pirates of Corellia has some nice offensive and defensive weapons with Finley, Captain Sargasso, Marie-Thérèse, and Lady Locke.


These days pretty much ALL events have at least one great hero.

@Mothra did a great sum up of the monthly events.

Costumes have really boosted vanilla heroes, with some GREAT additions, like Rigard, Vivica, Boril, Brienne, etc. some heroes that were pretty much useless before have now become a must for events and tournaments.

Also Atlantis and Valhalla have some impressive works like Ursena, Poseidon, Kageburado, Mitsuko, Heimdall, Freya.

If I had to choose one single event to spend all my gems (if I had a lot), it maybe Avalon. I think that event has the most great heroes.

Two Avalons ago I was chasing Guin and ended up getting BK, I’m not unhappy at all.


@Mothra has the beef of it. It really depends on what you’ve already got, what you want with offense/defense, and what sorts of resources you’ve got to spend for acquiring/ascending the heros you do get.

Avalon, Teltoc, and Grimforest seem to have the best, most versatile set of characters. Costume event is decent, but will only get you Season 1 heroes (and their costumes), which are decent, but not always as good as the S2/S3/Event/HotM characters.

Again, it really does depend greatly on what you’ve already got and what you want/need.

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If we are focusing on 4* heroes, here is the order, IMO:

  1. Season 2: Atlantis (Proteus & Wilbur)
  2. Event: Guardian Teltoc (Jackal & Falcon)
  3. Season 3: Valhalla (Almur & Mist)
  4. Event: Grimforest (Hansel & Gretel)
  5. Seasonal: xMas (Buddy)
  6. Seasonal: Springvale (Lady Woolerton)

^Perfect summation and order


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