Which event heroes would you play doubled?

Avalon is about to happen (soonish), and I wondered what would I do if I drew another double like my falcons.

What hero from any event would you want as a pair in any type team?

Figure most will say Jackal, but I don’t know them well enough to make a choice.


Cabin boy could be interesting, same as raiding with two merlins.

I’d play most of them doubled, hoping to confound the opponent.

Guinevere? Merlin? Honestly I’d like two Panthers, just because they look so darn cool…


Two panthers not only looks badass but is an utterly sweet combo as well.

I will never ever get 2 panthers so doesn’t matter much to me haha, I’m going to try the two jackal thing on the alt though. I don’t think the 2 falcon attempt will be awesome but I have two, so… why not try?!?


Double Jackal is my next project for dark titans.
Would also double Lance on green titans if I could get the blades, keep those buffs spread across the whole team while providing high tile damage.
I’m hoarding gems for Avalon, but I can’t help thinking Arthur and Guin will evade me again and a second Morgan will show. I like using her so I would consider levelling a dupe.
Falcon has his use. He opens teams up for the fire debuff, I don’t think I would bother with two.
Two Kestrels might be fun to raid with.

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I do double jackal on purple titans, one isn’t leveled fully though so it’s interesting on an 8*.

Wu Jackal Ares Jackal Grimm

I don’t have any other event doubles so I cant help anywhere else.

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3* : I plan on having 2x Balthazar, 3x Bane, and 2x Squire Wabbit. I might even use 3x Wabbit if I had a third.

4*: 2x Jackal and Falcon work great as mentioned above. I’d also consider 2x Tiburtus and Grimm since nearby hitters are great in events. I omit Gormek since his offense is weak and there are many grea 4* reds.

5*: These are less applicable since duplicates and mats are harder to come by but: 2x any of the single target heavy hitters would work well - Magni, Lianna, Sartana, Marjana, Joon. Panther, Arthur, and even Kestral are also good enough to consider doubling. Since I know people will call me out on Kestral, his increased damage vs high mana targets can be devastating on level 10 vs 3 bosses, and even on 6-9 vs 2. He’s not great in other contexts so I don’t actually expect anyone to level him 2x though.

Edit: I realize I was answering the question of what heroes you would run doubled in an event. All the 4* heroes except Boomer are good enough to want doubled. I don’t think I’d run more than 1 copy of any 5* except Panther or Arthur.

I’m guessing double Guineveres would be the worst.

Panther, Guinevere, with Hel centered, and another flank of Guinevere, Panther would be the stuff of nitemares.

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Double Falcon isn’t as interesting as double Jackal because (a) average vs very fast mana and (b) Falcon is a tank, while Jackal is a glass cannon.

Double Guin on defense would be brutal.

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I agree
Falcon works well with double Squire Wabbit, but Falcon is too much a tank/ support to level two of Falcon.

I agree
Double Quinevere wouldn’t bother me as much as double Guardisn Owl ( one in each corner ) but I wouldn’t level two of either.

Personally I am more likely to use ascension items on high attack because of war so double Merlin to deal with healer s in the corner. Double Jackal because insane attack stat. Double Peters because timing his special would be easier with two.

Double Panther for despelling. double Arthur be because his special has good secondary, tertiary and quaternary effects.

And double Squire Wabbit for reflect green challenge when they add it.

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