Which emblem path works best for costume Domitia?

Which emblem path should I take? The costumes comes with a 5% mana right? So the mana path should make it to 7%. Does that mean that a level 11 mana troop should be enough to charge her in 8 tiles?

Just follow the Rogue attack path, and you’ll automatically follow the best Ranger attack path too:

You need +12% to go from 10 -> 9 tiles. That can be done with costumbe bonus + level 5 mana troop.

You need +25% to go from 10 -> 8 tiles. Even with a level 29 mana troop (+15%) you can’t reach that number without getting buffed. Not even if you combine emblems and costume bonus (highest she reaches is +22%).

I wouldn’t take the mana node personally, not with her. She already breaks 9 tiles relatively easily with a level 5 mana troop, and that’s usually good enough to make her “fast”

Besides, the left path has an attack node (for both Rogue and Ranger), which is what you want for her.


Thanks for the advice. Went the other path.

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