Which duplicates to keep / Which to get rid of?

I don’t have a huge amount of duplicates but never the less, the ones I do have, take u that extra little bit of roster space and can also help with feeding.

I have

3 Rigard (Max / 3/60 / Untouched)
3 Proteus (Max / 3/60 / Untouched)
2 Melendor (Max / Untouched)
2 Gormek (3/60 / Untouched)
2 Sonya (Max / Untouched)
2 Kashhrek (Max / Untouched)
2 Guardian Falcon (Max / Untouched)
2 Wu Kong (4/63 / Untouched)

As I type, my roster space with all 3*, 4* and 5* is 85 out of a total 122.
I don’t do huge Summons (10 or 30) and rely on smaller cheaper deals/offers, or freebies (challenge coins, atlantis coins, EHT etc). So, should I keep all of these, or just some?

Do I need 3 Proteus and 3 Rigard? I have a costume on 1 Rigard (the 3/60 one) and Emblems on the other maxed one, and then an untouched Rigard. So far I have not needed 3 Proteus, sometimes 2 in events but 3 may be too much BUT with that said, I may never get him again so is the third one worth keeping and upgrade when I get the chance (after doing everyone else)?

Appreciate everyone’s opinions.

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I’d probably just keep what you have, then, for the most part.

In particular, everyone but the second Wu Kong, Kashhrek, and Gormek could very likely be useful.

I’ve maxed more than all of your other duplicates, and have gotten good use out of them for War.

(I actually have two of Gormek maxed too, but hardly use them. But maybe if green tanks become a thing, that’ll change.)

Need? No.

But I have 4 maxed of each, and they’ve definitely all seen some Wars.

I think he’s worth maxing eventually, but at the least, I’d hold onto him.

One roster slot is far less irritating to give up — especially when you have plenty of room — than trying to reacquire a particular hero later.

I’ve done PLENTY of Atlantis Summons, and still only have 5 of Proteus.


Much like @zephyr1 I suggest keeping and making multiple of Proteus and rigard. My goal is still getting to 6 of each maxed in case I want them for my war hits.

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Off topic, but I’d level the costume on your max Rigard ASAP. A +20 season 1 4* plus the costume bonus is basically as strong as an un-emblemed 5* (at least by the power score, which I know is debatable). My +20 Melendor with a full costume bonus has 773 TP. That’s the same power score as a max, but un-emblemed, Tarlak.


There’s no way I’d keep duplicate Kashhrek.

If you raid with Wu Kong then I’d keep his dupe… If not I would (and did) feed the dupe.

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I have not even maxed Wu yet so not used him
I just got a duplicate Triton + Wilbur. Should I keep them?

If you’d use them for war teams, yes.

So it kinda depends how deep your benches are.

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