Which do i upgrade Ranvir, Vivica or Leonidas

Which do i upgrade and why …

Who is cherry?..

Which other heroes do you have already leveled?
Which parts of the game are your main focus?

Cherry is not a hero I am familiar with.

Vivian * my mistake thats her name.

If u don’t have 5* healer then vivica

I would vote for Ranvir, because he’ll help your titan hits. Since that’s the main source of ascension materials, it would help you get what you need to ascend the next one.

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We really need a lot more information here…

Is this your first holy 5 star? If so I’d go with vivica. Slow mana is a pain, but cleanse is super useful and her defense buff has saved me a few times. Her tile damage isn’t terrible either.

Some people find use for leo as a tank but i don’t think he’s great for that. There are worse choices but also much better.

Ranvir is pretty much only good for titans. If you’ve got another good healer (c rigard, ariel, even mel/c mel) and a few other yellow five stars then you could ascend him, but until you are fighting titans too strong for wu (maybe in the 8~9 star range) you can probably leave him at 3.70 and just max out his special and get enough use out of him

Tl;dr viv>leo>ran, unless you need a titan killer then ran>>>viv>leo


I won’t go so far as to say Ranvir is only good for titans, but that’s pretty much the only way I use him unless we’re facing purple-coordinated tanks in war.

My alliance fights 8 and 9-star titans, and Ranvir works for me at 3.70, so I am not likely to ascend him any time soon.

So echoing the sentiment above that to get the answer you’re looking for, we need to know more about your current roster, what you’re lacking, the titans you fight and how your alliance fights.

Imho Ranvir isn’t worth the mats… If you have Wu it should be enough…
I like Leos Manacut. My vote goes for him, but it strongly depends on your needs

I may actually agree with you. I sometimes wonder whether my titan damage would be higher with Wu versus Ranvir (I use the latter) as the “comparison of health” thing plus the misses makes it so hard to predict. People who like Ranvir, love Ranvir. I leveled him to 3.70 after reading some of the folks who love him rave about him. I don’t know where I stand at this point.

I actually prefer to use Miki, and have started to use him against non-red titans. He’s slow, but doesn’t have the miss factor.

Back to the OP. @CertainHeredity is right that Leonidas’s mana cut is useful, particularly if you don’t have Neith, Chao, or Li Xiu (or others who have similar effects). Who else do you have?

Vivica is slow, but if you need a healer, she’s an option. If you have her costume and level 11 mana troops, she’s less slow. On the other hand, if you’ve got Rigard maxed, she becomes a little more niche, depending upon how you raid.

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