Which defensive team?

hello there

quickly writing a message to get some feedback on my raids & more particularly my defense team.

everyday, when attacking in raids, i’m going from about 1600/1700 cups to 1900/2000, winning about 80% of my fights if i select them correctly.

i have a solid violet 3-1-1 team (rigard proteus seshat sonya boldtusk) and i’m generally looking for yellow tanks providing more cups than losing (e.g. 40/15, 38/22, 50/10 etc.)
this violet team is arround 3200 power and i win most fights regardless of power of the defense (3800/3900 is no issue if the board is OK)

however, it looks like i also lose 99% of my defensive fights…

my defensive team seems to be bad, i’ve tried a lot of compos but end up with the same results.

problem is : most of my heros are not maxed up yet due to the lack of ascension materiels.
(i’m a c2p player, almost f2p)

would you mind giving me the composition that you would choose in defense if you were me? (taking my levels in consideration but also NOT taking them (assuming heros were maxed out)
as it will give me a priority for leveling them



Seshat (3/58) - violet
Joon (2/60) - yellow


Rigard (3/60) - violet
Proteus (3/60) - violet
Tiburtus (1/1) - violet
Chaos (3/60) - yellow
Wu Kong (3/60) - yellow
Danzaburo (2/38) - yellow
Sonya (4/70) - Blue (max)
Kiril (1/29) - Blue
Boril (1/1) - Blue
Grimm (3/60) - Blue
Boldtusk (4/70) - Red (max)
Scarlett (1/1) - Red
Colen (3/60) - Red
Caedmon (4/41) - Green
Skittleskull (1/1) - Green

atm i’m using Boldtusk as a tank, with Rigard & Caedmon behind, and Sonya & Seshat on the side.
i tried including wu,grimm,colen etc. but they are quite squishy as not maxed out…

thanks for your help

Soyna,Boldtusk, Seshat, Joon Caedmon might work until you get some more depth.

Joon needs to get to 3-70 , kiril is great also.

Getting seshat and Joon to 3-70 will help you a lot.

thanks,pretty much what i already have except you would get rid of rigard and put joon instead as i can see.
i’m facing a LOT of teams in the 1900/2000 cups with both Colen & Grimm.
Sometimes colen, grimm & kiril (in defense), isn’t that a good compo ? (but squishy as fu**)

in general, if i don’t get a decent board against these (more than 3/4 plays to kill the tank), it’s lost in like 2 shots once they are full mana.

Seshat and Joon are great on defense. So I would build around them. Colen is too squishy for defense. If you can max Grimm he would be a really good replacement for Soyna. That - def is so important.

Agree with Seshat and Joon should be in, BT should be your tank as well. I run 2 healers in my defense and with BT and Rigard you have that. You might try flanking BT with Seshat and Rigard and then put your fast mana heroes as wings (Caedmon & Sonya) and see if that helps. But once you get Joon up stick him in there.

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