Which defense team would you buy

IF you had loads of money. And already have your 3rd house an your 4th plane…

Making the assumption you are to spend the money on Atlantis for all the old hotms… … lol. AND you don’t have any heroes but 3 stars and are advised properly

And this is just your defense team…

Lianne GM guin hell and ariel for me… what would be your choice :clown_face:

And to add another: which hero would then be your first hero to buy? Mine would be Wilbur.

North Poseidon Ursel Ariel Gravey

MLF, GM, Guin, Kage, and Ariel

Hel. Bc that’s who I really want and I’ll never get her :sob:


Mine would be Hel :slight_smile:

No rainbow defense? +20

This kind of defense need at least 1 sniper and I value Poseidon over Marjana (the only 5* red sniper), expecially on a team so focused on mana.

Alberich - Kage - Queen - GM - Alasie

That is the dream team

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This is perfect. I m 3 out of 5. Missing Kage and Alasie, but got Misandra and Hel instead. One day when they are all maxed, I will be very happy.



I want Tarlak the most

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Alberich - Ariel - Gravemaker - Delilah - Hel


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So many want alby. Yes he’s killed me single handed before, but that’s not the norm. He usually goes down easily.

Kunch and guin is pretty killer. I’d add Zeline, GM, and Alesie.

In my defense I had to say that he is an amazing hero and that Mother North can’t be found in Atlantis Summons :slight_smile:

You’ll put another pile of diamonds in at Christmas to get her… loads of money remember

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