Which defense team is the best with this roster of maxed heroes?

Hi guys,

Which defense team is best, in your opinion, between the following two?

All heroes are maxed with max skill

From left to right on the board

Gormek – Magni – Kashrek – Joon – Tiburtus
Gormek – Magni – Kashrek – Rigard – Joon

I also have following heroes fully maxed with max skill: SonyaMarjanaHansel – (Kiril on the last tier)

This one.

But Id try Marjana instead of Gormek.

Tiburtus - magni - kashrek - marjana - joon

But Gormek lowers enemy’s defense…while Marjan is pure powerful attacker

Gormek is the tankiest 4* defense downer and he is useful to lower defense on the first stage of the fight (tank or flank). If in a wing, once it’ll charge, your defense could have already killed heroes, making his low damaging skill pointless.

Marjana, as a fast hero, is better suited to wings positions as she can “jump into the fray” early and have a better impact on your defense. She is more durable than Gormek thanks to her stats, deal way more damage and her single target special is killer.

I don’t see any reason to put Gormek in a wing :confused:

You have a lot of fast hitters. I would try without any healer.

I don’t have Magni, but doesn’t his special splash a debuff that won’t stack?

Magni is a single target fast hitter and the secondary effect is an increase in general defense for himself and heroes to his left and right. It would stack with Kashrek’s elemental defense well.

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DMP, thx. I was too lazy to look.

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