Which defense should I use?

Trying to decide on which of these 2 defenses to use. I can stack Delilah or Fenrir with more emblems. Have a bunch sitting aside, I also have Kingston at +7.

I have some decent heroes, but they don’t all play nicely together on def.

Not pictured: Malosi, Joon, Vivica, Richard all maxed.

The second one looks more appealing for me, though I’d swap Kestrel and Gravemaker’s spots. My thought process is that Kestrel hits harder (well he usually will because enemy mana) and I think you want Kestrel to get kills first, then let GM burn whatever remains.


Thanks Dave. Do you think it’s worth stacking Fenrir with emblems then? I love him for offense, I was never sure about him on Def so I was spreading those emblems around more until maybe better options came around. It’s been a while though…

Fenrir is a bit of a wild-card, in that he can either hit his target for paltry damage or completely knock them out and heal himself back up. He’s very strong when he kills his target as he will charge again very shortly afterwards too.

But I do think he’s a bit of a wild card. You have him in the best spot he could wish for though – right wing so he fires last and has the best chance to kill something.

I end up preferring him over Delilah mostly because of my preference. I think defenses with more bite are better. A center with Telluria + Delilah might be exploitable to allow the attacker more chances to set up skills – most of your damage is going to come from minion strikes + GM in the first 5~7 turns, until Jabber and Kestrel charge. I personally prefer offensive flanks behind a wall like Telluria who is already doing a “good enough” amount to keep her team alive.

That’s my reasoning anyways.


I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had Delilah maxed since the first ToL portal where I got her, but she’s never been on my def. for more than a night for that reason exactly. The best defense seems to be solid offense these days.

Hopefully Telluria still does her job to stall attacks long enough for the rest of my team to fire. I’m going to stack Fenrir, it’s cheaper now and the emblems are wasted sitting anyway.

Thanks again!


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