Which defense formation would you choose from the five-star heroes below?

Hello Guys,

This is my list of five stars heroes.
What are your opinions on which would be the best choice for a defensive formation?
Choosing the heroes with the best attack, best defense, best HP or most powerful?

Magni - mitsuko - Kunchen - Poseidon - lianna

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I’d go with Lianna-Magni-Kunchen-Mitsuko-Poseidon.

Magni should be a flank so as to add +63% defence to his nearby allies.

Mitsuko should also be a flank as she is average. She hits 3 heroes so it would be better if she is the right flank so that she fires after Kunchen.

The fast Lianna and Poseidon should be wings.

Poseidon - Magni - Kunchen - Mitsuko - Lianna

Personally think going nearly full sniper is your best bet


Kunchen is your best option for tank
Magni needs to flank to make the most use out of his defense buff (and he’s the only blue I see - and going rainbow is always the safest bet for defense)
Marjana should be second flank as she’s the beefiest of em all

& Poseidon and Lianna in wings

Could swap Marjana and Poseidon if you want his block going off earlier, but since it’s pretty niche, not all that concerning

Mitsuko is a contender for flank, but since you want the opponent to bring blue in vs you, idk if I’d choose her as flank unless there was another red involved. Or at the very least, Kunchen is flanked by Poseidon and Mitsuko, making anyone that stacks 3-2 more inclined to do yellow + blue. So if you want Mitsuko in there, I’d do:


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