Which defense for the long term

I am having trouble deciding if I should change up my defense… im currently running atomos, but i am close to being able to do another purple and green - should i try to change defenses from atomos to costume kadilen? (I can emblem anyone shown to +19)


Without knowing your full roster I would suggest:
Costume Joon -- Ariel -- Costume Kadilen -- Marjana/Queen -- Killhare

Ideally another red & blue who deal damage would be better suited IMO.


Costume Kadilen is way more effective as tank than Atomos. I’ve faced her a couple of times and due her fast mana I try to avoid hitting her so when I have a special, opponents won’t dodge, but getting that timing right can be tricky. I laugh whenever I see an Atomos tank cause he’s just too easy to beat. I never use mine and he’s my biggest regret when it comes to spending tonics.

Other than that switch, I would stay with Marj, Ariel, Killhare and C. Joon. Eventually you’ll get a better tank.

Blue: ariel, magni, isarnia, miki
Red: marjana, QOH, Anzogh, Mitsuko
Purple: Seshat, Killhare, Sartana, Clarissa, Marie Therese
Green: atomos, cKadilen, heimdall, lianna, Kingston
Yellow: cJoon, malosi, vivica, bai yeong…

I have a heimdall… but I don’t have the surrounding heroes to make him work really.

Huh? You do. Seshat, C Joon, Heimdall, Killhare, Marjana is what I’d roll with. No emblem overlap there either.

Double purple is mitigated by Joon and takes away from a red stack if they stack yellow.

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Yea that’s not a bad idea… thanks!

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