Which Defence do you think is better?

Hey everyone,

I am contemplating which direction I am going to go in with my defence team. Right now I have the first option as my defence team but I am close to getting the mats I need for a second 5* green and was wondering if this might impact my defence team in any way. ( note that the 5* heroes you see in option one are the only maxed ones I have ).

There are 2 ascension options the way I see it. Option 1 would be to max my kingston, option 2 would be to max a telluria ( asuming I pull her which I will certainly attempt to do ). Which one I will choose will depend mainly on how they perform in my defence team. I have very little issue raiding in diamond arena with the set of heros I have right now so raid attack isn’t a huge priority. I have that covered. Titans aren’t a priority for me with this choice either. If you were wondering there aren’t really any other defence team worthy 5* heroes in my near future aside from these.

So my question : Out of the below defences which would you fear most? Feel free to leave a quick reply as to why or choose the fourth option if you have a better idea than those listed below with the heroes I have at my disposal.

  • Mother North - Vela - Ursena - Poseidon - Kestrel
  • Kestrel - Vela - Ursena - Kingston - Poseidon
  • Mother North - Ursena - Telluria - Vela - Kestrel
  • Other combination of mentioned heroes. Let me know which

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Personally I am leaning towards the telluria option ( given she turns out as good as she looks in beta ).

MN and telluria together look like a dangerous proposition, Vela can punish red stacks while ursena is just ursena. Kestrel over poseidon for his AO3 which maries better with the AOE3 heavy team and rogue talents. Kingston is an issue on defence because he competes with Poseidon for emblems so there is that to consider.


I’ve voted for option 1 - MoNo corner because heroes in beta are still liable to be tinkered with

Mono and Ursena are both great at punishing bad boards and mono stacks

I voted team one. I’d vote three but no way to know that hero will be the hero we get in March.