Which dark hero should I lvl next?

I can level Jabberwock, hel or malicna. I already have a Jabberwock maxed out with emblems. Should I go with hel or malicna or just double up on Jabberwock and have them on each wing?

I would go with Hel because the mana freeze is a very powerful and useful ability. And because mats are rare enough that I try to avoid dupes of 5*.


20 characters of Hel.

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Hell is great for all event game changing hero

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Hel is the go to here.

Or to put it another way, go to Hel

What the hell! Yes, the Hel!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hel is always the answer.

Another +1 for Hel.
Game changing hero, very very useful on all aspect on the game, also not bad for defense too.

For some reason people like double defenses. Until they learn how common hit-3 heroes are and how to easily defeat those defenses…

Hel will continue to be amazing:

Especially… for events!

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ty everyone for your advice!

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