Which Dark deserves a (limit) break?

I only currently have enough to 1lb one Dark Hero, who would you do? Currently Becky and Charon are fully leveled and emblemed, the other two would take some time to get there. None of them would fill a hole in my lineup except maybe Charon as a better reviver

  • Becky
  • Charon
  • Rayne
  • Lu Bu
  • Sit on them in case I get someone better
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Utility heroes that gain no real advantage from being level broken shouldn’t be, in my opinion. The only heroes that I have level broken are ones that provide attack based damage or scaled DoT. They benefit you most and by contrast will help benefit you.

I would say unless Becky or Charon are essential heroes to your gameplay then wait.

Is Becky or Charon your war defense? Pick as per your main choice for the defense.

I prefer Becky, her damage is some kind of dot with bypassing taunt and riposte.