Which D Team would u play?

Hey Everyone… Quick question… If I can’t get Frigg this Valhalla which D team do u like better? I’m close to ascending a new hero in every color & enough Tonics right now for Green, with Lianna sitting at 3/70 but I want to change my whole D lineup… The 1st pic is my current team & the last 4 are my current options without Frigg… All can be brought up to +20…

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Have you considered an option with BK as tank?


I never understood why players that amassed vaste quantities of top heroes and emblems need advice or aprooval building a defense line. You should be the one giving advice, not asking for it. There is no magic to it. Any combo with the heroes you have there would be enough to keep you in diamond. Wanna go higher? Think attack not defense. Anyway, quick answer to your question, go check top 25 defense lines, see who’s always there and what heroes they use and mimic them.
P.S. You definitelly need Frigg, what kind budget are we talking about? No limitations would do just fine. The company is always happy when people chase a specific hero. Best of luck…


Wow, that was rude… Why did u post a response if you were just gonna be ignorant?? Nobody needs that… Just skip my posts for now on & leave the space for people who want to have fun answering people’s questions, not bitter people who just want to troll people who have heroes they don’t… I’ve got no time in my life for jealous people… BYE :wave:

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Yeah I did consider BK as Tank but I like the thought of having Odin as Tank because of his Special to speed up Alfrike’s charging… It was the only reason I’m considering using a very slow hero in my team with BK on flank with his Taunt to also help Alfrike charge… I want to go back to Rainbow Defense so that’s why I’m asking people what they think about my different greens…

Tbh i would hate to face third team with MN on wing.

I agree,… beside Odin is Paladin, so if the class proc, this will make sturdy with tiles.
I would try team 4, wait everything is in team 4,… so I mean no.5
But, MN should be priority for level-up.

No idea why you think that’s rude… except the fact that truth sometimes hurts. None of the defense lines you posted will perform different from the others. You’re missing most of the key defense heroes of the current meta. You don’t have Frigg, you don’t have the ninjas, you don’t have c.Kadilen. You have Odin and BK, Finley also (even if, in my experience, left corner Finley is a grave mistake, too many players having Mitsuko) but if you really want your defense to perform different from most 4600+ defenses you need Frigg, a few ninjas and c.Kadi. Otherwise, any midrange player able to put together a mono team will obliterate you. There are a few names that always hoover around top ten, check out and mimic their lines. If you want your defense to make a difference, better start investing in it.


Personally I think you’re overall better off with a green tank which would be Telly based on your roster. If you had cKad I would vote for her but being as is I would go Telly as tank. Even with her nerf Telly can still be a decent tank simply because reds are still lacking imo. I like the first defense but would swap Finley in for cMagni and I would take out Jabber and put Odin as right wing. I would be cautious with Odin as tank. Purple is simply too strong in the hitter and dispel departments. I considered using Mica at tank but thought better of it for those very reasons.

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Ur post was rude for no reason because I was just asking about the 4 teams I posted & u had to go & post all that other nonsense about how it’s somehow wrong that I wanted the opinion of my peers… I know the direction I want to go & just wanted to hear what my peers thought, & what they’d do in my place… Only someone jealous of another’s heroes would post something ignorant like that for no other reason then to salve their own ego… Like I said, stay off my posts, ok?? Thanks :+1:

C-Kadilen was my 2nd choice too, Palms… If it wasn’t for her weak atk I’d consider putting Margaret in there as Green… I agree about the Dark hitters being so strong too… But I could put BK as Tank & Odin on his left flank, he just wouldn’t be sitting next to Alfrike, which is ok I guess… I don’t necessarily need to be Rainbow again, but that’s what I was shooting for… If I don’t worry about Rainbow I’ve got plenty of choices to fill out my team…

Rainbow is best set-up for defense imo. Defense teams that use multiple heroes of the same element are more vulnerable to stacked offenses then rainbow defense teams.

The last one
Finley, Bk, Odin, Alfrike and Kadelin is a best setup.
Dont ignore Kadelin goes off from wing, her buff is precious one.
If Bk goes of then opposition done by Others. Gl. :slightly_smiling_face:.

Well that’s 2 votes for Kadilen as my Green which is kinda the route I was thinking too as my 2nd choice… No Frigg this month so it looks like second choice it is… Lianna will still sit at 3/70… Thanks for everyone’s input! :snowman:

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