Which current 4* & 5* hero's are worth limit breaking considering they may all soon be obsolete?

This topic will hopefully be self evident, which current 4 & 5 * heroes are worth limit breaking?

My 4* list is C Rigard, Proteus, Wilber, Almur, Mist and the Golden Pig.

5* … well all I have worthy is Phileas Fogg, White Rabbit, Jabberwock and Seshat.
However with the limited amount of Limit Breaking material available, limit breaking all these heroes will be impossible so my question is which one’s do you select. You can’t help them all and with the new better stronger heroes arriving at the end of the year most of our current heroes will be turned into food. f

So which hero are you going to level up ?

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Me personally, I am a ftp so I am going to limit break a lot of season one heroes. I think as long as they are the heroes you use a lot, it is fine. For example, I am definitely going to limit break KirilC, Richard, Magni, JoonC, MarjanaC, Lianna, Vivica, Sartana.

A lot of season one, but I use them regularly.


I’m at the point where I have no more heroes to max out (I keep no duplicates). I have 32 x 5*, 64 x 4* and 62 x 3*. I have no Greens and Blues are stuck at 3/70 (I have 17 total and no greens). So yes, I will be doing some limit breaking (Technically Gunnar right now as I thought it was going to ask to do the limit on the tutorial, well it didn’t, LOL).

I will be be only doing the heroes that I use all of the time in Raids. But anyways, it’s neither here or there yet as the mission didn’t even give you enough to limit break a 5*. The only one I got in a raid chest was a red 3*. I’m guessing it’s going to be a while to see limit breakers in raids or wars. At least 5*. At least (for now), you don’t need resources to do the limit break. But you need food and iron to level the hero up.

My 4 list that I would break now if I could
Rigard, Ametrine, Proteus

D’Andre, Piggy

Almur, Melondor



These I would consider too:
Marcel, Jackal, Wilbur, Falcon, Grimm, Sonya, Caedmon, Jott, Saphire, Mist, Hansel


As was mentioned previously doing a 5* of any color initially will not be happening unless you get lucky with a legendary aether in loot. My philosophy is as follows : I will do 2 4* costumed s1 or 2 worthy s2/s3/s4 and a 3* for every color LB quest initially. Did Grimm and sonya (regular & costume on both, as I don’t have kiril costume yet) and nordri on 3*.

My hero plans are the following :

Red - C BT and either Wilbur or falcon and hawkmoon.
Purple - C Rigard, C Tiberius and undecided on 3* but either Balthazar or tyrum
Yellow - piggy, jackal & poppy
Green - C Mel, almur & grevle

I’m only picking from what i have currently at +20 on blems to make the most impact.

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Untill we see what SG has in store over the next 6 months no one is worthy of limit breaking.
The power creep we are assuredly going to see will make even limit broken current heroes unworthy.

If there was a way to reset them I may feel different.


I would have to agree with Mr. Anderson, until we know more about the upcoming hero’s there’s not much point in breaking hero’s or obtaining more, particularly if they are made redundant as soon as you put the time and energy into leveling them.
I think I will save all my resources until more information is supplied by SG.
That way when the new hero’s arrive I can level them up quickly.

Thanks to all who responded and gg.

No hero is obsolete. They are constantly adding content to make more heroes useful. Slow heroes felt obsolete so V Fast wars/tourneys. Oh you have 4 heroes in one color that do defense down, well you will need them for mythic titans. ToL and NT are easier with alot of heroes and you can use the weaker ones or less desirable ones or whatever on lower levels. They are trying to make all heroes relevant in some way and give you a reason to keep collecting new ones.

Limit break whoever you want. If you use the hero alot Limit breaking it will help you


Heroes do not become obsolete as soon as they leave the showroom, that’s just not how it works. There are many great 4* costume heroes that are relevant now and will continue to be through LBs and beyond. In fact, LBs will make them even more relevant in relation to all 5*s current and future

Any hero that you use often and adds value to your play is worth limit breaking


I’m hoarding aethers for my 5* on defense and main raid team first.

Then 4* i use a lot in wars.

As for 3* they will get scraps that are left :rofl:


I’m going any elemental defense down hero’s since I think these have the longest longevity and effect every aspect of the game. I don’t see elemental down hero’s ever becoming obsolete since this game is built for color matching and which colors are strong against which! Nordi, Almur, Evelyn, falcon, jackal are just a few I’d consider LB! Unless they change the whole concept of this game( highly doubt it) then I feel like elemental defense down hero’s will remain worthwhile. Powerful hero’s will change but the color matching and stacking will remain the same and therefore are a solid investment!


I already broke Grimm, Sonya and Nordri. I use them all the time and the fact that they are limit broken and in one team gives me lots of advantage everywhere.

However I only play with 4*, with heavy accent on S1 4*.

My personal vision is that it’s way better to break a team of 4* rather than one 5*.

So from my point of view all good S1 4* are worthy of ascending, some like Scarlett even in multiples. But the worthiest IMO aren’t the healers, but rather the hitters. For example, I do have cKiril, but I prioritized Sonya and Grimm over him. cKiril’s special ability doesn’t benefit from the hero being Limit Broken, whereas Sonya and Grimm’s offensive abilities are solidly boosted.

4* are not in the consideration for any nerf, which might be the case with some 5*, especially when they are limit broken and seen as way too overpowered. It would be really nasty for all of you when you decide to break your Cobalt and then he suddenly gets nerfed for example…

Plus it’s a really good investment to use LB 4* to give you the edge in upcoming 4* tournaments to get better scores, which will give more Aethers as a payoff. Also they give the edge in Epic challenge events for better scores.

Also 4* don’t consume any 5* Limit Breakers so if I want to break any 5* in the distant future, I will still have the most important ingredient since I presume 4* and 3* would be much easier to obtain.

Edit: Be on the lookout for hidden level-up post-breaking costs. For example, Grimm required a Battle Manual in addition to the food and iron for levels 72-73 and 73-74. It’s possible he required one for the earlier levels and I didn’t notice. But I guess the requirement for leveling a Limit Broken 5* will be an unfarmable mat for each level post 80.

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Exactly this.

If it’s a hero you use and like then limit breaking is a good thing.

New heroes are all well and good but you have to get them. I’d love to limit break Odin.

But since I don’t have him it’s a bit of a moot point…

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CLEARLY feel putting Aethers on defence heroes = IT is a WASTE…
LACKS creativity to play this game = By hoping that some more stats will win few raids / war fights :rofl:

My current plan for LB priority is:

  • Key DD hero like Frigg who I use on offence a lot. Luckily, I got one 5* nature Aether from war chest, so next Omega Nature quest, this will be DONE :slight_smile:

  • Hatter, for his steal-debuff… another key member to deal with all riposte, taunts, buffs, etc. makes him a top contender next & I use him more than Evelyn.

  • Gradually all EDD heroes as I have all 5 of them.

  • 4* Healer costumes : Kiril, Boldtusk, Melendor, Rigard = make them 5* healers and hence I don’t need to use ascension mats on 5* healers in near future… Mother North, Vivica, 2nd Ariel, Raffa, can wait a bit at 3/70.

  • 3* heoes of my event team like : Ulmer, Nordri, C. Gunnar (in that order)

  • Wilbur last, bcoz he is already strong & can wait his turn.


I shall break the limits for Yunan, Athena, Joon and Gravemaker. Those four heroes are in my def lineup. Vela is also there but i’m not sure if i will push her beyound limits. Athena first. She’s a killer.

I can hear Perseus, Obakan, Noor and a bunch of their friends groaning in the other room


I am wondering whether @Homaclese will consider his Noor+20 worth LBing. How many HP will her minion have? Will it surpass Heimdall’s heal?


Excellent question… and I think the answer is yes! It will be a huge increase for my auto farming team as she runs with frosth.

I do use her in wars but she provides biggest bang for buck for me in pve


I love 3* tournaments and I already broke limits of 3 blue rares for the one this week. 3* are cheap to break and will profit most from it.

Next step will be my raid def, but considering only one aether quest a month it will take a while.

Some key 4*s probably will become out of limit on that way, too.

I will decide it when there will be more of the corresponding items in my stock. Whenever there will be enough aether things to improve my tournament defenses, I will break those and afterwards I’ll see if it was also good for my overall performance.

Too new and too rare to focus on specific heroes imo.

what 4 star heroes deserve Aether LB ?

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