Which costumes are the best and which ones are disappointing?

I like the look of Sartana and really wanted that one, but didnt get her unfortunately. I managed to get Isarnia and Boril and they seem ok I think. I just finished Isarnia and now working on Boril, so hopefully he is worth it.

But which costumes in your opinion seem to be good ones to use over there normal hero and which ones (if any) are worse then their standard one ?

Read this thread and decide which costume is best for your team.


Kiril, Rigard, Sonya, Caedmon are all great, great costumes. Melendor and Boldtusk are good too for the mana boosts and changing up the specials a bit.

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Broil is the most disappointing, I’ll still level it when I have no other blue to do but the tiny riposte is next to useless

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Prisca is the worst. No reason to use her with or without her Finley outfit.

Best? I’ll get back to you. Most are pretty good.

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I like the costumes that “flip” the special such as Sonya and Caedmon who either debuff the enemy or cleanse allies. In these cases, the costume renders a hero that fills a different niche. I guess Tynum falls in that category, too.

Renfeld’s costume makes him much more interesting, but without the costume he’s still on the bench for me.


Same here pal. When stacking I use Vela, regular and costumed Sonya and they ruin reds. Plus you can stagger the Sonya hits to help whichever side needs to be stripped.


Sad… Original Sartana is already so pretty and the costume made her so ugly! Balthazar too… so damaged with the costume… lol. I personally like Azlar’s costume.

I’m excluding 5* because they are wo damn hard to get. Best would be Magni though


  • Sonya / Caedmon / Tyrum for the cleanse
  • Rigard / Hawkmoon for atk buff, but I don’t like the HoT
  • Berden / Brienne / Isshtak for defense down
  • Li Xiu. On defense Rouge class + extra damage is a good trade off for the lower mana cut


  • Balthazar, since I don’t like DoT
  • Belith
  • Gunnar. I don’t see they point when you can just take Ulmer. And blue already has enough def down, so the buff would help more
  • Boldtusk. I only use the costume for monk trials, everywhere else I prefer the regular version

Gunnar is a gun costume, very good in events

BT costume I kind of agree, but stacking reds in season 3, with big heals needed, I do use the costume, but yeah generally prefer original

Magni has one of the best costumes imo. Fast 5* blue def down sniper. Great against titans. Looks good.

Too bad I only got Domitia’s costume from the summon portal. Her looks haven’t changed that much. That’s what I don’t like about her.

Kiril is the best. I run double Kiril’s with Vela, Alice, Alaise and they run down everything

Hi Gorash, I actually think functionally Doms costume is awesome, and nine tile charge with a low level mana troop is very nice. I even like her new look. I think you’ve done well getting her!