Which Colours to get next, which heroes to develop [Beginner]

Hey guys,

I’m pretty new with E&P and started last year on December 24th.
Now I’m Level 21 and have my first heroes, with kind of luck even a 5-star one.

I’m really unsure which heroes (hero-colours) to get next with the elemental summoning and which heroes of my roster to develop after all.
My only four- and five-star heroes are two of the worse ones (says googling) so I’m not sure if i waste my time with them.

My actual roster is:

Horghall 2-16
Greymane 3-46
Bane 3-50
Jahangir 3-50
Cyprian 2-40

Other 3-Stars are only Prisca (1-1) and Hawkmoon ( 2-24)

My plan is to develop Cyprian to level 3 and Horghall to level 4. But what to summon or to get next?
Personally I believe that Cyprian, Bane and Horghall are pretty nice for starters. I want to develop Hawkmoon and exchange Jahangir with her.

Next idea would be to summon another blue hero.

What would you recommend? I’m on a VIP-Pass and can summon two new heroes with gems but then I’m broken. What shall I do?

Thank you in advance!


hawkmoon your only healer you will see how valuable she is soon enough. cyprian is great against aoe teams especially. colen can be a pain early, cyprian definitely makes them pay.

use bands blind to help more dangerous heroes miss qith specials early. this will also work on debuffera making them miss some of your characters also. horghall is meh… but as a starter tank he has a lot of hp, this will help but he will need asvnesion items fast and this early you won’t have them. this game is about patience but you definitely have a nice start :slight_smile: good luck to you and welcome

Spend your gems on event summons (Atlantis/monthly/seasonal) rather than on epic or elemental summons. Focus on leveling your training camps so you can train your own heroes.

As for the heroes you have now, take Groot to 2/60 and stop. There are better candidates for your shields. Take Cyprian to 3/60. See who else you have by then.

Focus on developing a couple rainbow 3* teams to max and a couple 4* teams to 3/60 so you’re able to complete all 5 levels of the monthly challenge event and stack colors against titans and war opponents. By then you’ll have a good idea of what heroes you want to use those precious nonfarmable ascension materials on, and you’ll probably have the mats for a rainbow 4* team.

3* to keep and level:
Green–Belith, Berden, Brienne
Red–Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Blue–Ulmer, Gunnar, Valen
Yellow–Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani
Purple–Balthazar, Tyrum, second Balthazar

Also keep and level any Atlantis or event heroes


Thank you for your first tips!

I’m really unsure on how to spend my gems. At the moment I’m on Level 21 with TC 10 and therefore I can’t train lvl 3 heroes yet.

So my only luck is the daily summons (got Prisca here as only good hero so far) and the elemental or monthly summons.

So you rather would spend gems on Event summons than elemental summons by now?
I really think I could use a 3*+ Hero in Blue. Also i really would like to have Belith or Brienne, but I think with Horghall I have one nice green hero so I thought of focussing on the colours I’m not well positioned yet…

I really lack 3 star heroes for multiple rainbow teams. So far I have a leveled-up Layla and Olaf so far, but I wanted to exchange them as soon as possible…

In the Event and Atlantis summon, you still have the chance of getting any of the TC20 heroes, plus the chance of getting limited edition heroes that you can’t get anywhere else. You’re early enough in the game that pretty much everyone you draw will be an upgrade for you.

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Great advice from @NPNKY. There’s a wealth of general information on these forums that I hope you’ve been reading.

The index to core guides is here: Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

Guides of particular interest to new players are listed here: Complete Starter Pack for New Players

You ask about using gems. The lowest value use of gems is rushing builds. This is a slow-paced game; just accept that. Atlantis summons are good value, particularly because you get a rare or epic ascension item every ten pulls. There are some excellent heroes there you can’t pull elsewhere. Of the event summons, Guardians of Teltoc and Knights of Avalon have uniformly very good-to-great heroes. Those roll around monthly, as does Atlantis (which will be coming up on Thursday).

Don’t ever use gems in the Epic Hero Summons; odds are much better in Elemental.

Enjoy! Ask questions as they come up if you can’t find answers somewhere already posted.


Thank you both, again!

Especially for the links and explanations.

@Kerridoc: How do you know that there’s an upcoming Atlantis-Event on thursday? Is there a timetable anywhere where you can look that stuff up?

If you look on the season 2 map, it will tell you when the next provinces open. The Atlantis summon opens at the same time. You can use gems or Atlantis coins to summon, but not Epic tokens.
The Challenge Events generally fall on the second Thursday of the month in a predictable rotation. Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimmforest, Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon. Last one was Pirates. When Wonderland comes out, it will fit in there somewhere. The Event Summons replaces the Elemental summons during the event. You cannot use saved tokens for this one.
There are also seasonal events 4 times a year. The next one will likely be sometime this spring. Those summons can also have some good heroes. That summon portal replaces the regular Epic summon portal for the duration of the event, and you can use Epic tokens for it.

He’s probably not complete all 15 provinces currently open, so the map doesn’t show the timer. 1 day, 15 hours from now. We’ll see the new Atlantis portal. So 6am GMT Thursday.

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So I summoned three new heroes during “Atlantis”.

My actual roster is now:

  • Horghall 2-27
  • Cyprian 3-9
    - Hu Tao 1-1
  • Bane 3-50
  • Greymane 3-50
  • Jahangir 3-50
  • Hawkmoon 3-25
  • Prisca 1-1
    - Gato 1-18
    - Mnesseus 1-1

My plan for “Standard” and Defense Team would be:
Horghall - Gato - Cyprian - Bane - Hawkmoon

Actually I’m not sure of the usefulness of Hu Tao. Should he replace Bane as soon as possible? Or Should Bane stay?

Based on the fact, that these are really ALL of my 3*+ Heroes I will level them all as far as I can.
But I’m not sure what would be the best outcome.

After the three summonings with Gato, Mnesseus and Hu Tao I’m not quite unhappy. But I’m not sure if I ever want to invest money again… so I have to take what I get…

So here is my actual hero-roster,

Unfortunately I got my third greymane, which I will feed to my other heroes.
At the moment I fight with

Horghall - Gato - Cyprian - Bane - Hawkmoon

With my new heroes I got today I think I’m going to swap Gato with Sonya and maybe Bane with Hu Tao. But with the last one I’m not sure actually.
I have no ascension materials für Horghall and Cyprian btw.

With my other heroes I’m going to develop the heroes in this order:

  • Prisca (because I totally lack purple heroes, I know she is bad)
  • Sonya - Valen - Gunnar - Karil
  • Mnesseus - Skittleskull - Isshtak
  • Hu Tao - Bane
  • Nashgar - Azar

But I really hope that I dont have to level them all and have better heroes by then. I have TC 13 now and get at least 1x 3* hero every 48 hours.

But what do you think, is my idea good? Are there better ideas?
Should I spend my last 300 diamonds with the actual challange event or with the next purple hero elemental summoning for another good purple hero?

Thank you for your help!