Which Color of the Rainbow is Your Favorite

What color group do you feel has the best heroes overall collectively?

I feel like Ice, Dark, and Fire has the best heroes collectively as a group. For Holy, their 4s are meh, but they have a great 5 group, and for Nature it’s almost the opposite, moreso relating to classics. Their 5* classics are terrible compared to the 4*s, but the special heroes like Alby do give nature 5s a little bit of a boost.

What do you guys think?

Dark has the best options by far.
Hel, Panther, Kunchen, Seshat
Rigard, Merlin


I second that, dark is my favourite too by quite some distance. I have Hel and Kunchen. 2 great heroes!

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My favorite in order from top to bottom:

att: BT, def down: Wilbur, def down element: Falcon, punch/tiles: (Anzogh/Marjana), Scarlett

att: nothing, def down: CCat/Tiburtus, def down element: Panther, punch/tiles: Seshat, Merlin, others: Proteus

att:nothing, def down: not yet available by SG, def down element: Jackal, punch/tiles: Poseidon, Wu Kong

att: Kiril, def down: Grimm, def down element: nothing (hope to get Arthur next Avalon), punch/tiles: Triton, Magni & Miki (still in development)

att: Brienne/Gadeirus, def down: nothing (hope to get Buddy next christmast), def down element: nothing, punch/tiles: Caedmon, Melendor, others: Hansel

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Green. Anything green.

Titans: Blue hands down (Athena, Kiril, Alasie, Miki, Frida/Arthur)

Raids offence: Purple hands down (mana stoppers, superfast and fast great hitters, best healers)

Raid defence: probably red (Grave, Zim, Ares, Queen of Hearts, Grazul)


I am a 5* dark hero so … :rofl:


Going off my own roster, my purple lineup is my favorite. It’s the only color I choose to go mono as my first option.


If I’m going mono, purple is my go-to, as well.

But I like yellow and blue against titans.

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Green is the strongest group because of the revive. North and Alby are game changers on offence more so than any other heroes. I’m in the high 90’s win percentage with green, low 90s with all the other mono teams.

Proteus, too

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