Which buildings should I upgrade?

I’ve been upgrading my 2nd TC to 20 and my watchtower just to burn food as I don’t have the iron to do 2 TCs

What should i focus on upgrading instead of the watch tower

Upgrade your farms.

TC19 needs a lot of foods and they are useful to level up heroes

Get crafting to 19 then work on farms

Your watchtower can wait until after everything else is done. Upgrade your farms as you need. Keep one forge and 1 Training compound roughly equal to your Stronghold. There is a reason for this. When your stronghold gets higher level (18 through 20) there comes a time when you are basically stuck waiting and full of Iron/food while you wait for it to complete. Obviously having a second builder can help with this now, but Having a developed forge and TC allows you to use the Food/Iron instead of letting it go to waste if you don’t have the second builder. Once you get all of your Iron storage to Lvl 18, you can stop with those. By having all of your iron storage at Lvl 18, that gives you enough storage to complete your SH Lvl 20.

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I found I could keep up with using iron while working towards Stronghold 20 with a forge maximum of 16, with just one builder. I never have needed any battle items requiring a higher forge than that for events, though I’m told timestops and tornados are cool toys to make use of.

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I highly recommend getting your Forge to Level 19.

I have a forge finally hitting 20 in about 5 hours, and about a million hams ready to start researching everything from level 17 up. As soon as I got the second builder, that’s what it started working on full time.
I’m looking forward to the new toys. :slight_smile:

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My TC is level 20

I don’t have enough iron to do forge and tc at the same time

Farms. Then Forge. Then TC (at least up to TC13, if not to 20).