Which blue to work on?

I pulled Thorne a week ago. He’s up to 2.19 Today I was lucky enough to get Captain of Diamonds and Sonya. I’m thinking put all effort into Sonya for now. Anyone else have an opinion?

You’re most likely going to get a better blue 5*, bc Thorne is not good enough for the telecopes imo. Sonya for sure is useful, and dispellers are amazing when you’re starting out and get into the higher raid tiers. I use Caedmon as my dispeller, and he still makes my team in diamond raids.

Captain of diamonds is going to be very useful.

Then sonya

Never Thorne.

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Ty. Always good to get a different perspective

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I’d go with Sonya. She’s a very useful 4* who deals great single target damage, making her useful against titans and in offense. She isn’t awful on defense either.

I just don’t see that much utility for the Captain. He isn’t very good against titans, since they don’t have minions. He isn’t very good on defense, since the attacker can just use non-minion heroes, and he isn’t very good on offense, since I hardly ever run into a defense which uses a minion generator.

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