Which blue to max next, Aegir, Perseus or second Magni

So I just got another Magni with summoning, can bring another blue to 80, already have a Magni maxed, Perseus is 3/70, Aegir is still untouched. Magni would be better than the other 2 IMO but I got one already, I have a better tank than Aegir, I heard he is also good on offence, only thing is his low ATK wouldn’t do me much better on TITAN. Persues is similar with Aegir I think, not that good and not that bad either. Wondering which one should I go for next, what’s your opinion guys.

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IMHO You have maxed Magni so Perseus or wait for blue S2 5* hero


I would say for defense team a pair of flanking magni seems really appealing.

So, with that in mind. Who is your tank? And do you perchance have a green tank? Do you want flanking magnis?

On offense I think having a Perseus is more useful than a second magni. And this is from someone whose first two 5* were magni :stuck_out_tongue: lol so lotsa experience with double magni :wink:

Magni does a lot for you, but personally I would go Perseus UNLESS I planned to use both magni on my defense team. (This is a decision I’ll be coming up on myself when I get 3 more scopes… but I have like Richard and isarnia right now so I’ll either go second magni or just wait)

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First of all, it’s nice to hear from someone who has experience with double Magni! Well, I’m using Guinevere as the tank, another thing is I only got 4* troop x1 levelled up for each colour, a rainbow defence team would make the best use of them, so yea, I’m not planning to make a change to my current defence team yet. Other than that, going to use the next maxed blue for everything else. Appreciate for sharing, I would go for Isernia if I got her, 44% is always nice, so Perseus seems to be the one to go, I was waiting for another blue for a while(months) and I’m tired of waiting now, I have 11 scoops now by the time I get Isarnia or something probably going to get the scoop to max again.

I would probably just wait, but if anything I’d do 2x Magni.

Perseus is quite good! There’s only so much a second Magni adds to your roster, but especially considering the release of Evelyn; perseus’s nature defense buff for himself and nearby allies has gotten better than it used to be when the only effect it used to have was prevent Lianna from one shotting somebody. And preventing a target from healing for 4 turns is really good in raids.

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I use Perseus a ton in raiding, and he’s part of my anti-Guin team as well.

Isarnia is yo gurl :face_with_monocle:

Be the MAGNIficent…go for the second Magni. Magni is one of the best. And to have 2 of them for war and raid is simply superb.

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