Which Blue to Level - calling all experts

Looking for some expert opinions on which blue to level next!

Current team:
Sartana, Kiril (maxed), Telluria, Gormek (will be replaced by Gravemaker as soon as leveled), Joon.

Blue Options:
Isarnia, Richard, Snow White

I am 1 scope off being able to level 2 blue 5*s

So this is my current team and in a perfect world I would land an Ariel (or settle for a blue sniper). Do I hold out for a better blue and keep running Kiril? Level one of my current blues in the meantime? Or save for 2 different blues?

Only snow doesn’t compete for emblems. But haven’t been impressed with her at 3/70.

Logical is either use Kiril or Level Richard until I get a better option. Or should I save up for 2 new blue all together?

Thanks in advance for the help.

I don’t think you need another healer in your defense with Telluria as tank. I’d go for Richard in your case.
If it is good to wait for better blue heroes depends on what you are spending on the game. In the past 9 months I have roughly made 70-90 pulls on Atlantis (only in the past 9 months!) and still don’t have any S2 legendary.

I don’t have Richard maxed yet, but I think he is worth the mats. Magni would also be great…

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My worry on relying on Telluria as my hero is she is getting a Nerf in June, could become unusable (and I will be ticked)

I vote that you keep Kiril and wait for a fast blue hero. When GM joins your lineup, it will be daunting.

If you have the costume for Isarnia, it may make sense to level her up for raiding and Rush tourneys, but I’d leave Kiril on defense.

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If you’re lookin at defense only Richard

If more than defense, would just wait

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I doubt that she will become unusable after nerf. Just wait and lets see. At this point, we know nothing about how she will be after the balancing. Don’t get panicked with all that hullabaloo going on right now… if you are worried, just wait until there are facts.

1st info on the Telluria nerf are bad, looks like I have no choice but to use Kiril and pray for Ariel at this point.

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