Which blue pairs best with Frida for damage?

This is my girls team. I love my Frida Thorne combo. Game over for whoever those hit. She’s unsure who she should pair with frida’s special. Her other 5s star is arial as well. Who would you? I’m leaning towards lepus, but what you guys think?

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Having and using Frida myself I use in my mono blue team : Grimm +20 and Isarnia and it is often more than enough to take down 3 ennemies.

I think that Thorne, Richard or Lepus would also fit very well and make a lot of dommage.


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Master Lepus. He is a hard hitter already and with the elemental defence buff you will kill most things in one hit!

Grimm isn’t bad either- pairs well with Frida as both have average mana speed



Note with the maths, this has been approached using two assumptions:

  1. these are ATTACKING heroes. Thus there is a silent +20% defence boost on the defending team.
  2. youre attacking an AVERAGE 5* enemy – this is the defence stat used.

Pairing 1 – Frida & Thorne


Advantage – Both are Average mana speed so both will charge at exactly the same time

Disadvantage – Both are paladin class so… boo.

Pairing 2 – Frida & Master Lepus


Advantage – More damage & both are different classes

Disadvantage – Lepus is Fast mana vs. Frida at Average… so will have to hold Lepus in order to fire after Frida.

Pairing 3 – Frida & Richard


Advantage – Both are Average mana speed so both will charge at exactly the same time. Also get attack debuff from Richard… No secondary effect for Lepus or Thorne.

Disadvantage – Both are paladin class so… boo again… Also least net damage dealt.


Pairing Damage to Target Damage to "Nearby
Frida & Thorne ~1883 ~1107
Frida & Lepus ~2019 ~1175
Frida & Richard ~1622 ~977

You are my hero. Kisses.


A really good trio is : Frida (with mana troop 23) / Magni costume / Vela.
Elemental debuff + armor Debuff + Lepus on 3 targets

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