Which Blue Legendary to advance next for my mono war team

I need some advice please on who to advance next for my Blue Mono war team. This is what I currently run with - but sometimes throw in Costume Kiril if I want to field a healer:

And I have these to choose from to take to max. Was originally thinking Vela but now wonder if Lord Loki would be better.

What do you think?

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Lord Loki is fun to use… specially if opponent have Alfrike.
I would max Lord Loki. Great blue teams there.



LOL. What @jinbatsu said. Lord Loki is a fun hero. I wish I have him.


Loki is a fun hero for offense, and Vela is still used quite commonly


I was lucky enough to get Loki and he’s great on offense no regrets leveling him up, take him in all my raids.

As mentioned above he works wonders against Alfrike.


Lord Loki in, 1x Magni out.
Lord Loki can even be your healer.
I don’t go without healer. I feel naked otherwise. Most of the time I even go 2 healers.

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