Which blue for scopes?

Lord Loki or Sobek (sorry Gaillard)
Feast or famine. So, back during the Gargoyle event, I pulled Gaillard with a single pull, which I was pretty stoked about, as I had been looking for an upgrade over Alice. I got him to 3/70 and was waiting for scopes when I decided to go for Loki in the last Soul Exchange, even though Black Knight or even Grimble would have been a little more practical because red and purple were greater needs. But I was excited about the prospect of “being” any hero through Loki and I downgraded my team power just to be able to try him out in raids before he was even leveled enough to be very viable. Well, just before getting my last scope to ascend Loki (sorry Gaillard) I had a single Season 5 summons, with which I pulled Sobek. So now I have all at 3/70 and just can’t decide who should get the scopes. I feel like I’m supposed to go with Loki, seeing as he cost me twenty 5* heroes, as well as being fun and versatile, and an answer for the power creep. But, Sobek would be just a good, strong, solid reliable hero, albeit a little boring, especially compared to LoLo. I should mention that I have a pretty respectable roster and don’t ‘need’ either of them, but Sobek would probably be a regular attacker(doubtful to replace limit-broken Morel on defense, though), while Loki would might be a little more situational in countering especially nasty defenses and defensive heroes. So, any advice would be appreciated and sorry about the long rambling post.

Lord loki he is every hero except Kalo.


  • Lord loki
  • sobek

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Btw, the reason I say Loki is more situational and Sobek is more reliable is because a 300 (ok, 290, but chance for additional 70) hit all is always going to be useful, even without the defensive bypass, and especially after a defense down. While, there are times when none of the enemy specials are especially exciting or overly useful for Loki to copy. However, being able to out-Alfrike Alfrike, at average speed no less, and other like prospects, makes a strong case for the god of Mischief

I love the choice options i have with Loki… But o voted sobeck…

Another issue is that they are both wizards. So, even after getting the scopes to ascend both, I probably won’t have enough emblems for both of them. That actually makes a case to ascend Gaillard 2nd, seeing as I have an overabundance of sorcerer emblems. I think it would be a crime to leave either Loki or Sobek sitting at 3/70 for that long, though

Though i have LoLo and now a bit rarely to use him, but he has one of the uniquenest skill that nobody have. I vote for him purely because the uniquenest and u can pseudo having any heroes in the game

I dont have sobek but use loki on my primary attack team that i use for almost everything. Im lazy so rarely change.

Loki is awesome with any special copied.

I spent the 20 heroes to get Loki in the SE and absolutely love him. That said I voted Sobek because he’s a beast on both side of the game.

Either way, you’ve got yourself a monster!

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I’ve got both heroes maxed and it’s Sobek every time for me.

Loki is a real fun hero and in some situations he’s priceless.

However, mine has maxed emblems on the Def/HP path(not Limit Broken) and even then he is painfully fragile.

When i face him on defence he’s rarely been a threat as he’s so easy to kill. When I use him on attack, he is useful and great fun but, again, he dies pretty easily.

Sobek on the other hand has replaced Finley in my mono blue team. He can take a lot of punishment and his passive and family buffs are both very noticeable.

If you already have a very good blue roster then Loki is a nice niche/fun hero but for all round every day use Sobek is better

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So I took Loki to 3/70 and played with him for a bit. The thing that shocked me was that he’s a bit limited and niche, which I didn’t expect. For example, if the team is more defensively geared with counterattack, heavy healing etc, Loki could become an issue if he’s the last hero left and you can’t actually steal a special that dues damage. There are times I’d want to use a hit 3 hero, but having them in the wing limits me to hitting 2 heroes only. He’s still amazing and very useful, he fills a role but again, I really have to be thoughtful of how I structure my team as well.

So I played with Sobek at 3/70 and ultimately gave him the scopes. He hits all very hard, has the possibility for increased damage. That passive can add 70% additional damage and sand damage, which was more useful that I had imagined. Then you have the possibility for jinx to activate. I can use him on defense as well. He’s a boring hero, but he’s very strong. Also, I can take him almost anywhere, I can’t do that with Loki.

So ultimately my suggestion is to do Sobek. Loki is fun for sure, so if that’s what you’re looking for, by all means, level him. For me I needed a consistent and strong damage dealer. It also has to do with my roster of course. I needed a hit all blue and I just hit a point in my roster where I can level up more support heroes. I’ve been focusing on damage dealers and healers. I feel pretty good about my hitters now so I plan to do Oceanus, guardian gazelle, etc. if you feel like you have the flexibility to level a fun hero, do it. When I levelled Sobek I really thought, I NEED to level this guy, but Loki is the hero I really WANT to level. Went with the practical choice.

Good luck!


I am in a similar dilemna and I very much agree with @Ugk26, couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s definitely a case of “want” vs. “need”.

Also just to tip the scale a little more towards Sobek, the buff today to his family bonus now means he has a 50%/75% chance to inflict -35% accuracy and 196 burn damage to anyone who fires a special on him - a significant increase from 10%/20%. It’s basically/almost like a passive skill now.