Which Blue and Red Heroes to Max?

Hello everyone. I’m looking for advice on which heroes I should max. I have enough materials to max a 5* of each color.

For red, my options are Santa Claus and Jean-François. My current red roster includes:

  • Marjana @ 4/38 (I’ll start my next red 5* once I max her)
  • Kelile @ 4/70+19 (though I’ll probably reset her emblems once Marjana is maxed, so I can split them between Jackal and Marjana)
  • Boldtusk @ 4/70+12
  • Wilbur @ 4/70+8
  • Guardian Flacon @ 4/70+7

For Blue, my options include Vela, Perseus, Isarnia, and Richard (or Boril as a 4* option). My current blue roster consists of:

  • Aegir @ 4/80+7
  • Grimm @ 4/70+20
  • Triton @ 4/70+11
  • Kiril @ 4/70+6
  • Sonya @ 4/70

Other notable heroes in my roster include:

  • Proteus @ 4/70+17
  • Rigard @ 4/70+18
  • Tiburtus @ 4/70+6
  • Sabina @ 4/57
  • Poseidon @ 4/80+4
  • Wu Kong @ 4/70+15
  • Guardian Jackal @ 4/70+7
  • Vivica @ 3/70 (I have 4/6 darts for her)
  • Hu Tao @ 4/70
  • Li Xiu @ 3/1 (my current yellow leveling project)
  • Lianna @ 4/80+3
  • Caedmon @ 4/70+11
  • Gadeirus @ 4/70+10
  • Buddy @ 4/65
  • Zeline @ 1/1
  • Melendor @ 1/1 (Melendor and Zeline will be my next greens though I’m not sure which to level first since I only have 3 tonics. Leaning towards Zeline since she is faster and has similar stats to a maxed Melendor.)

Thank you for your help!

Santa Vs JF:
Santa is a good defence tank, but slow mana can hamper him on offense.
JF thrives in stacks - the +crit element link comes into its own there, and the ability to turn defence ailments into buffs is pretty cool against Kunch tanks (very common in diamond!).

Given that you already have good stacking options and you already have some decent tanks in other colours, I’d definitely lean towards JF here.

Vela vs Perseus vs Isarnia vs Richard:
Let’s dismiss a couple first…

  • Richard is a good defence tank, but you already have Aegir for if your alliance wants to run blue tanks.
  • Perseus has awful damage for a sniper and his healing lockout is useless in the current meta where high damage defences predominate over high healing unkillable ones.

In Isarnia’s favour - your bench lacks an AoE damage dealer. To her detraction is slow mana, low defence and the fact that Grimm will do titans 99% as well and raids pretty well, especially with 20 emblems.

In Vela’s favour - she gives you AoE, DoT and +crit… So she’s a bigger improve Vs titans, she’s much better on defence than Isarnia too.

IMHO it’s Vela here.


Congrats on nice rosta yeah I’d probably do JF and vela :+1:

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In my honest opinion, and given the content of your current roster, I would focus on Jean-Francois and Vela.
Good luck

Thanks. I had much the same reasoning for the blue heroes but I was still uncertain since Vela doesn’t hit too hard and Aegir doesn’t hit at all. I was a lot less sure about the red hero.

Jean and vela here too

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