Which blue 5* to ascend with only one set of telescope?

I have a problem, I have Misandre, Fenrir and Richard with a cosmic And I can only do one of them. I would like this hero to be my tank, and I currently have Onatel. I am asking for advice on whom and why such a choice.

Imho, if you really want a blue tank then Richard is your best choice because of his high defense and paladin class. Very hard to kill. But in general, I feel that Misandra is the better hero out of these three.

Look, this is my defense. Besides her I have Richard in costume and 900 Paladin talents I also have Lianne in costume and Morgana. He wants to make a good defense of it.

I ascended Richard with costume for the Costume hitting power. Only had enough emblems to get him to 5 but he’s still got really good stats and hits plenty hard. No regretting the scope that’s for sure.

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In my honest opinion, I would probably have C. Richard as your tank and Onatel in flank
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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