Which attack special vs titans

When picking a titan team, which attack special is preferred: aoe, target only, target plus neighbors, dot?

All other considerations like strong vs weak, attack stat etc are not in question. Just want to know if one type of special stings hardest.

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Single target is generally faster and hits harder

The following combination works very well: Wu Kong (stacks with “normal” attack boost), a defense debuff like Tiburtus or Grimm to lower the Titan’s defenses, and an attack buff like Boldtusk. With of course 2 or more heroes of the color strong against the Titan’s.

When that combination is active, and you get some nice combo’s especially hitting the weak spot, you get massive tile damage… I have learnt that outweighs the damage done by attack specials (e.g. Caedmon and such) by a lot. I’ve seen tiles hit the weak spot and do about 2000 damage each. Scored my highest ever Titan damage of 75k this way once (got a lot of combo’s on that one involving a lot of red against a green Titan). With only 4* heroes I might add. Pretty sure others have done even better.

If you’re asking strictly about which attack special is best, that would generally be target only strikers with fast mana and good attack numbers (e.g. Lianna etc.). But… the above combo I think will give you better results.


If you haven’t seen it yet, @SolemnWolf has recently produced a sophisticated mathematical analysis of the game mechanics which will help us understand what the relationship is between attack and defence and which specials are particularly valuable.


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Yes, I have seen it. Very good work. It is, though, all about initial attack. I do not see where it gives me comparative stats on dot vs aoe or sniper vs titans.

If you have been able to figure that out in a way that lets you state your preference, pls enlighten

I would suggest that reducing defence is the best option. While a single hit sniper special gives a higher one off hit, solemnwolf’s work strongly suggests that reducing the defence of the enemy is more effective over several turns.

There’s never going to be an answer that’s right in every circumstance because, having reduced defence, you need to get the right tiles to capitalise on it.

But my working hypothesis is that a Ramming Pulveriser is your best bet.

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Thx @JonahTheBard
In my work on damage, I have not yet studied the case of titans because we dont know their exact stats.
I have some catches to study the weak point, but it will wait.
For the initial question, I also think that speed is paramount. So unique target and tiles (with Wu Kong & Grimm for me)!

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Defense stacking is complicated, I guess. The elemental links are what I am looking at now that I have one.

Thx for answering the original question. And congratulations on your work herr.