Which atlantis hero is be suitable to be tank

Got all altantis. got lucky. ursena on my first 30 pull. But since i have all the atlantis. Which one is suitable to be a better tank. At the moment Gaderius at 4/70 +9, Proteus 4/70 +8, Triton 4/70 +7, ariel at 4/65 and posiedon at 4/75. ursena at 1/29 lol…
Feedback and why. thanks…
I have hel (she at 3/66), Gurinere, panther, lianna (3/70). at the moment hel or ursena for the max level… wonder wonder wonder.

here’s a few of those heroes:

Triton and Proteus don’t have the Defense+Health that Ursena and Poseidon do. Gadeirus has Defense, but he’s Slow. That’s a definite trade off for his +atk and +health on special.

Are you on Razor’s TitanMafia website? you can use it to compare heroes…

But no Atomos!? Lol. Not like you need him. :wink:

I think Ursena will be the best ones to tank with. Ariel is not great as a tank imo, she’s better as a flank to support the tank. Poseidon works as a tank too but I think with his speed he can make a good sniper too

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I will bring atomos to 3/70 hoping developer will change him. ursena is good. with 20 boost and with proteus next to her I think it will be good.
Thank you

If you have Peters from Corelia, or if you get the future blue hero of the month Mikki, their silence status ailments combo well with Atomos. They prevent special skills from being used, which lets Atomos deal the most damage possible with his skill if their mana is full. Yea Atomos is not very impressive right now, but this is something to think about if you have Peters already for green stacks.

I think ursena fits the best in tank position.

Ariel and Poseidon are more likely in flank position.
Guinevere you have? She is also one of the best tanks

I agree, but I have noticed I’m running into fewer and fewer Guinevere tanks. I suspect that, if I were to look up her usage stats, I would find she’s slipped. The ‘nerf’ of her ending up in a class that’s not well suited to her role / has many other worthy emblem targets has had an impact. It feels like I’m seeing more and more Kunchen, Boss Wolf (I know a lot of people dislike him, but he ended up in a class good for tanking), and various blue paladins (mostly Aegir and Richard). And of course, the ubiquitous Gravemaker.

@Kwoky00, I don’t know if any of the Atlantis heroes are yet widely regarded as exceptional tank options. We’ll probably have to wait a while to see if Ursena starts emerging or not. She may not and Guinevere may still be the best option on your roster (though I personaly wouldn’t ignore Hel - you have a lot of good heroes!).

Maybe it would help if you were more clear about your goals. For example, there’s a difference between building a defense that can help you open chests in diamond versus the best defense possible versus the best possible war defense. Or are you determined to put an entire Atlantis family in as your defense just because / to get the max family bonus?

Thanks for your response. ATM opening chest box is not bad… holding up at diamond stats at the lower end is not difficult. but once i get up to 2700 cups… i tumble like heck. I have ascending item to get a a purple up to level 4. but chosing from hel and ursena is nut. The 20 percent is what help keep me on the diamond… The attack is good. My goal is once i get atomos and ursena to 3/70 at least I can start stacking other color. like Green, purple or blue. 2/1/1/1 format. I face gravemaker and have a 30 percent chance… any red tank i usually have no issue. once i am able to stack green then aegir wont be an issue. But having many other hero like guin, gm, richard, joon, lianna, I wonder if i should use another line of defense than the atlantis team.
I do wonder from your optional, normal raiding and alliance war, would you put different defense strategies? Only 3 of my 30 4 star are fully level. the rest is at 3/60.

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