Which Arrangement is Better?

Im struggling to arrange my defense properly. Please help!

Hansel - Grimm - BT - Rigard - Caedmon

This gets two fast opposite color hitters on my wings and punishes stacking blue for BT. I’m leaning towards this.

Hansel - Rigard - BT - Caedmon - Grimm

This gets Grimm outside. BT protects Caedmon who protects Grimm. Im just not sold on Grimm as a wing…I feel he is better as a flank getting his special of sooner.

Bench: Kiril, Wu, Jackal, Khiona(3-70)

Which way is better? I’m open to other suggestions too. Thanks!

Grimm - Ceadmon - BT - Hansel - Rigard

Def debuff - dispeller - 3 - 4 - 5

Red protects green; green protects blue; holy protects dark healer cleaner

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I thought about that because of the colors…but I dont like having Rigard on a wing. If he’s the last hero left hes completely non-threatening. You can simply ghost and nuke him down without much worry. Also I want Grimm to go off early for maximum benefit.

That’s why I’ve been going with Hansel - Grimm - BT - Riggy - Caedmon lately.

I agree that placing Rigard in the rear isn’t ideal. When I see that I simply think “OK, so he’s last”.

If you prefer your first lineup, have you tried:

Hansel - Grimm - BT - Rigard - Jackal

It keeps the colour protection intact. And Jackal is Very Fast manna from memory

I love Jackal…he’s an MVP on purple tanks and titans but I’m just not sure hes viable ok defense. He is an offensive beast but SOOO soft.

Has anyone used him on D? Is he a viable wing?

I was thinking Caedmon for the dispel and hes a lot beefier.

You should put Caedmon first to dispel, Rigard next to cleanse blind or other ailments, Boldtusk tank, Grimm after boldtusk so his pulverizer hits harder, then Hansel on the outside. You can’t put Grimm on the outside. He’s average mana and not tough defensively. The closer to the middle the faster he charges and the more effective he’ll be.


Grimm on the wings is usually dead before his mana charges. And if he isn’t dead before his mana charges, you still don’t get the benefit from his defense debuff soon enough.

Fair point. I don’t think the dispel is as big an issue on raid defence, because the AI is an unsophisticated player. But survivability definitely is.

I’ve been hurt by Jackal a few times on raids, but you don’t see him much. Probably because of the squishiness.

The AI can be as unsophisticated as it likes but your specials fire from left to right. And there’s a lot of pesky buffs. Caedmon left wing is good. Dispel all buffs.

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Dispel being first to fire is comparable to Alberich needing to be first to fire out of necessity if you have him. Because he revives from left to right and gives an immediate mana boost. If he’s on the right and revives heroes with full mana, those heroes won’t fire their special te same turn they’re revives. Dispell first to dispel defense buffs or riposte before your AOE attackers, etc

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Not disagreeing. My post was to one above yours about relative merits of colour defence using Jackal and less squishiness using Caedmon. And I was posing it more as a Q to OP than a statement of fact.

Your point about L-R is spot on. And superceded my comment in a way.

The layout of the responses sometimes leads to redundant crossover.

Like now probably. Lol. I agree with your advice.

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