Which are you enjoying most: the Game or the Forum?

Hi all - I came downstairs this morning, and suddenly realised I was more looking forward to checking the Forum than actually playing the game!

I still enjoy the game and am not going to complain on here about it, but we all know it can be a grind.

The Forum however is still fun. I add my picture to the picture counting thread, I check for new cool music in the Kit Kat thread, I chuckle at yet another ranting thread that escalates in vitriol, and I look forward to celebrating the birthdays and anniversaries of all the good, positive, helpful Forum peeps.

So which do you enjoy most at this time - actually playing the game, or messing around on the Forum?

  • Playing the actual game
  • Messing about on the Forum
  • Enjoy both equally

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I like the game more because of playing but also because of my great allymembers. After 4 years of playing some became (digital) friends and we discuss about the game but also about real life. So that is the most important for me.

I like the forum (I am a small contributor), read on a daily base and it’s one of the first things I look at when I open my Macbook.


both equally - forum has a lot of great people and fun topics

as for the game, I’m still enjoying it because I have reduced my expectations re hero summons and how competitive I can be without spending. I treat it as a past time. otherwise, I would have quit long ago :stuck_out_tongue:


My vote went to both equally….
I still enjoy the game
And I do enjoy reading all the stuff in the forum


Great question! I voted for the game. It’s why I’m here it you’re right that I often look forward to looking at the forum. But my forum interest has waned which has killed a lot of my forum excitement. Some days I get caught up but too often I barely read anything.


Reading the daily Forum Depends on available time after clearing WE yadds yadda.


The forum is fun, BUT, it makes no sense without the game… a wise man once said, the only words that matter in a sentence are those that follow thw word “but” :grin:


The game is still fun. But I don’t take it as seriously as I used to. The first look of the day goes to the forum. I love my alliance. But they’re not that communicative and there is no @sleepyhead, @Mistress_of_Shadows, @Steve9999 and the pirates, @NicoX (btw, who was that again? :thinking:), @PlayForFun, @Luna, @Theo87, @Yomagn-tho or @Dudeious.Maximus and @littleKAF (those two would ruin any war with their zeros :roll_eyes:) and all the others who fell victim to the tag limit. I have more fun in the forum and I can annoy people with my music. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And it’s no problem when I’m off for some days. So clear advantage forum.


Nothing at both anymore…

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Sorry to hear you are not enjoying either the Game or the Forum.

I didn’t put that as an option in the poll as I assumed that people who didn’t enjoy it wouldn’t be playing or visiting the Forum at all :man_shrugging:

lol I gotcha, told a couple of my friends that my parents were visiting… next couple of days they’re still calling and voice-messaging me to hang out, I’m like um thanks for the thought but I already pre-warned you, explicitly, that I would not be available

ok this is a very good point :stuck_out_tongue:


I think, that the fact that this game has a forum means very much to its community and - perhaps most importantly to SG - it helps to attracts new players too. To a point where I continue to be very puzzled, that the moderators here are not even getting paid. Not to mention, how much use this forum could be, in terms of PR. It´s a missed opportunity, in it´s current shape. But, oh well.

I enjoy it very much. I selected the “Enjoy both equally”. I often have both ‘running’ at the same time. :slight_smile:


Also give answer What competition do you like the most of all in Empire & Puzzles

That’s such a bummer :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Joking lol! Kitkat club is the best