Which 5* yellow to ascend

I have been blessed with an assortment of 5* yellow heroes. I have the materials to ascend 2 of them to max. I have Delilah (2/35ish), and Vivica, Joon, Justice, Rana x2 all unleveled.

The rest of my 5* team will be Sartana (maxed), Isarnia (4/55ish atm), Lianna (3/50ish atm) and Marjana (3/55ish atm). I have the materials to ascend Lianna and Marjana, but not enough fodder to go around.

Which 2 yellows would you max, and why? I don’t have a healer in that bunch, and I don’t really have a tank, although Marjana could work

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My vote would be for Joon because he is a beast and Rana (she is the most powerful hero and her special is good). Would also consider Delilah

Del and viv… need healers if anything go viv and joon

Delilah -> Joon -> Rana -> Vivica -> Rana #2 -> Justice. You could use a 5* healer and Delilah is one of the best. Joon is another great sniper along with the standard -ana’s. Rana is very strong but less versatile, though still a good contender with the other -ana’s. (For the uninitiated: this is a joke about Sartana, Lianna, and Marjana all sounding the same.

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I don’t wanna start a new topic. So I’ll use this one.

I’ve got Drake Fong on 3/70 and now I got Leonidas and Justice. Who to ascend next? Leonidas or Justice? Which one is better in the different options? Experiences from you?

(I also got Gregorion on 3/70, Rigard maxed, Triton maxed and Guardian Falcon maxed)

Drake fong and Justice have blind. No need for Justice. Go with Leo. Tile damage and lowering mana is good…

Ascend fully drake to 4/80. Forget Justice, i dont use her.
Leonidas u can ascend to 3/70.

Look in the top 100. You will see Drake, and Justice, but not Leo.

Justice is a good tank for defense. Drake is better all purpose

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