Which 5* yellow hero to max?

I have the materials to get 1 5* yellow to full ascension. I have Delilah, Vivica, Justice, and Joon. Which one would you max?


  1. I enjoy all aspects of the game. War, Raids, Titans, Events.
  2. I have all of the standard 3* and 4* heroes, but not all are fully leveled yet. I have 2-4 5* in each color, but none maxed. Sartana is at 4/67 mow, and Isarnia is stuck at 3/70 .
  3. My maxed 4* are Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk, and Chao. Wu Kong, Grimm, Caedmon, and Colen are nearly there.
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Joon. Best overall yellow in the game.

Delilah is great too. As is Vivica. Justice is a bit more one-sided for defence.


Personally I love double healers on teams. I spent $100 USD attempting to get Delilah ( minion, defense healer, with major immediate heal. No luck getting her ) for quests and the left corner on my war defense team.

But Thoth-Amon’s minion can be very distracting during the 90 seconds of terror known as the titan timer and he only generates three minions, not fifteen. So not sure if Delilah would be helpful during titans.

Joon has an insane blind- 40% for SIX turns against titans and sniper tanks ( Leggylass 5* green ). His good target damage is useful for defeating enemy corner defense healers like Rigard/ Sabina/ Melendor.

Both Vivica and Justice suffer the same flaw, slow mana speed. Especially in war, but also in raid defense and titan attacks, slow mana speed is just not that good. Except for the distraction of minions during a titan timer, minions and Healing Over Time are better than Vivica’s heal because it benefits heroes with 100% health. Additionally minions cannot be dispelled by Zeline’s emerald flash unlike Vivica’s slow mana speed defense buff.

I would level Delilah AND Joon to 5* 3.70 ( four orbs each, no poison darts ).

5* 4.80 heroes take 212% of the XP and 200% of the 3* ascension items of a 4* 4.80 so leveling another 4* 4.70 could be cool. BUUUT except for Wu Kong, most of the 4* yellow heroes are sort of bleh. I am leveling a second Wu Kong to 4* 3.60 for war and a Hu Tao to 4* 3.60 for Rare Ascension Item Quests. I am not leveling them higher because any XP used to level a hero is almost all lost if you use them to level another hero and your cannot recover the ascension items used. I need to save that XP and ascension items to get one 5* yellow hero to 5* 4.80 and two to 5* 3.70 ( for double strong and triple strong attack teams ). As a bonus, if I pull a Guardian Jackal, I have XP ( currently 200+ finished heroes waiting to be collected from extra low cost traiining ) and Orbs to level him to 4* 4.70. Yes, I would instantly level Guardian Jackal to 4* 4.70, he is a beast even when dead only HotM yellow 5* Musashi has a higher board damage. Even higher attack stat, and thus board damage, than Joon.

I have Jackal, but haven’t fed him because he looked fragile. Would you level him or Joon?

He is fragile, but very fast mana and Delilah’s minions count as yellow damage. So Jackal boosts both yellow match damage ( alive or dead ) AND minion damage ( while alive ). Great for clearing corner heroes in war and to a lesser extent, in raids.

If I had two Jackals I would level one to 4* 4.70 and one to 4* 3.60 for triple yellow attack teams. Especially for war, 4* hero challenge events, and titans, 4* 3.60 heroes are the best with only farmable ascension items and Jackal helps your board damage even if he is dead.

A war team with a Jackal 4* 3.60 and a Wu 4* 3.60 would be a joy to behold against a purple corner healer ( Rigard/ Sabina ).


I’ve recently noticed something, Delilah’s minions actually do ELEMENTAL damage based on the hero they are attached to. I’ve always assumed they did yellow damage but ever since I started observing them it seems that they do elemental damage. Not sure if I am going crazy or if this is actual I think I remember someone else saying this too on forums but not sure.

Edit: Ah I found it, Elemental or normal attack?
The attack and health % still comes from Delilah though I think.



I only have Thoth-Amon from a lucky Epic Hero Token, so his minions are always purple.

For the OP, I would still level Jackal to 4* 4.70, then Delilah to 5* 3.60 the Joon to 5* 3.60 unless you need a tank sniper like Joon.

Jackal works well on double and triple yellow attack teams and Jackal fast mana and high attack stat is a insane in war. Delilah’s minions cannot be dispelled, her healing is immediate, and she is a defense healer with average mana speed. Joon’s special works best at 8/8 5* 4.80.

In an interesting side note: Delilah is the first healer were 1/8 versus 8/8 is less important than 5* 1.1 versus 5* 2.60 versus 5* 3.70 versus 5* 4.80 because the minions are based off Delilah’s HP not the other team heroes’ HP. So she is very helpful for glass cannons like Wu Kong, Melendor, Grimm and Scarlett. But her immediate healing is useful for tank snipers like Joon so you still want 8/8.

If you ask me, I think reading all of yours answers justifies another Leonidas buff! :rofl:

EDIT: Aw drat, he doesn’t have him. Well then, nevermind. I’ll find another opportunity. One day.


Joon or Delilah, I’d say.

Healers seem more rare than hitters among the legendaries, so I’d lean toward Delilah.

If I were you, I’d start working on her and see what else you draw. Maybe you’ll luck upon Lianna or Marjana and in that case will definitely want to ascend Delilah. But maybe there’ll be a healer that falls to you (via some new event or HotM someway or another) and makes Joon more attractive.

As things stand now, the only cookable healer is Vivica, who is 1) inferior to Delilah and 2) also within the holy class of heroes. Alberich and Ares and Aeron are all HotM that aren’t currently available, and the next two HotMs are hitters. Which all makes me lean even more toward Delilah.

The good news is you can’t go all that wrong with either one of them. They’re both great.

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I have both Lianna and Marjana i n progress. I don’t have the materials to get them to max yret though

And you have Sartana. (Riddle me jealous.)

Definitely go with Delilah. She’s amazing.


Thanks. Looks like when I get the materials, I’ll have an all female dream team. Sartana, Lianna, Marjana, Delilah and Isarnia. Someday. If I can ever get my hands on the telescopes.

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I have her too for a long while now. Minions do damage in colour of hero they stand in front of. I can see it when a rainbow team attacks a boss. “Bang, bang, bang, Strong, bang”
Very useful :slight_smile:


I have Delilah and Justice. Justice is not realy worth it.
I also have many purple healer and counter attachers hence for my team Delilah is perfect as she makes passive purple heroes attacking.