Which 5* to max

Hello All,

i have already red Zim and blue Frida maxed.
Rest colors I need to choose, I’ve obtained all 4* resources to move from 3.70 my green, dark and light heroes. But I do not know if I should wait or not for better heroes, I plan to do 30x Summons in March.
Dark I have only Sartana, would you max her or wait until better hero?
Yellow only Justice, as well 3.70,would you max her or wait until better hero?
Green: The Hatter, Evelyn, Margaret.
I saw that Telluria is very powerful which will come on March (she is green) that’s why I will do these Summons then so this is worth it to wait with 4* resources or max someone already?


I’d max sartana and evelyn with no doubt

Does your alliance coordinate tank color for alliance wars?

If you guys don’t use yellow tanks, i would wait for a better offensive yellow than justice

Joon, leonidas, and vivica can be obtained from tc20 and are all 3 better offensive heroes than justice in my opinion

Sartana i say no regret max

Even with kage, sesh; hel, ursena all maxed, i still keep findin uses for sartana and I’m sure she’ll have a costume out at some point as well

Evelyn is the only green elemental defense dropper in the game, makes all your green heroes better when she fires and she heals with elemental link. Hit 3 dispel on top of all that, another no regret max in my opinion


100% agree with @Rigs on the ascension.

I just wanted to add don’t put everything on a future HOTM. If you read about Neith that is about all you need to know. They are subject to change (good or bad) until the day they are released…


Hi, thanks for reply.
My alliance coordinate colours, yes. Mostly we use Dark on center where unfortunately my the best is Sabina, very squishy… I will max Sartana then and my dear Eve as well :smiley: Yellow will try to get smth better from tc20.



I understand waiting if current options are pretty questionable like elkanen or horghall but with options like evelyn…no sense in waiting no matter how telluria is released 2 months from now


Sartana is ok in the center at the mid level alliances

Only free option i can think of that might be better would be an emblemed rigard but you didnt say you have that option so sounds like sartana is best tank option for now

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I would say that Evelyn, mad hatter and sartana are safe values. As for a holy hero, I would advise you to wait. Justice resists very well, but in return it does not do much damage.:+1:


In my honest opinion, I would max out Sartana and Evelyn 100%.
And my view of Justice is that she is underrated, she makes a good tank in war and hits very nicely.
Good luck

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