Which 5* to max due to emblem

Hello everyone,
Which to max (fighting for paladin class emblem)
King Arthur or Q of Heart.
I already got Frida 3/70 and Red Hood 3/70
Reason to bring them to defense line.
Already or going to be max are Posiedon, Ariel, Gravemaker, Atomos, Ursena
Thanks in advance.

Can someone explain using frida and wilbur defense down on titan. if the attack is stronger damage?

Frida to max for Paladin. Shes better than King imo

Explain in more detail please.

Well you said you were looking at Paladin.

733 atk, 723 armor, 1330 health
290% all three, getting -54% def against ice
Dispels 3
Elemental link +46% against nature

King Arthur:
708 atk, 733 armor, 1336 health
468% dmg to 1
-54% def against ice to 1
Gains 74% def against special skills

King: Attack output 3313 (to 1)
Frida: 2125 (but to 3) (overall higher dmg output if hitting a group of ppl) +1 FRIDA

Elemental Defense Down
-54% defense against ICE both same, so wont matter on titans. But anywhere else 3 ppl outshines. +1 FRIDA

Dispel vs -39% attack
-39% against 1 hero imo is not as good as -3 ppl dispel. Dispelling will be more helpful against 3 than 1 person getting -39% attack. With King hitting 1 harder, that person will most likely be close to death or dead so -39% isn’t going to help as much. +1 FRIDA

Elemental link vs +74% def against special skills
If you raid, or color stack in anyway, the elemental link is better. Undispellable too. FRIDA +1

imo Frida shines in every catergory, and is a beast. She is like a super Grimm. Grimm hits like a truck for a 4*, and She hits as hard, with much better skills. Plus if you stack them, thats 3 ppl getting -54% against ICE, and -34% def. That is a death train happening to 3 ppl. (or she can stack with Wilbur too, and that is -44%).


In all honesty, go with Frida. As her debuff to enemies affects 3 vs Arthur’s 1. All of Arthur’s effects from his special affect one target and himself. He is more of a solo hero imo where as Frida is a team player.

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Thank you poopcorn, King do have attack decrease. would that be significance on titan? Your stats are awesome.


Thanks! Honestly I am not sure how significant it would be on titans, but now with harpoons you can get a -25% attack and -30% def for 6 turns if they are stunned. Also, if they are not stunned it still gives -20% attack for 6 turns. This can be helpful if you need that atk down.

EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot. Frida also resists any -atk statuses which is a nice bonus. Hope this all helps.

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